Friday, December 31, 2010

My Goodbye to 2010

Two Thousand and Ten, the year of nothing but pretty much complete and total shit. You started off bad and are ending pretty much on the same note that you started with. I was hoping that maybe during some point and time during the year you would have changed course and got a lot better but you didn't. You continued to keep pushing us down and for that I say, fuck you.

One good thing came out of this year and that was the birth of Bishop. Our lives are much better with him, our year is still sucky. Bishop's birth brought happiness we needed, joy, comfort and closeness. He fits into our family as if he has been in it for years. So one thing I want to thank you for 2010 is Bishop, so here, Thank you!

Now, do you think we can make 2011 better? Can we make it so we're not struggling month to month anymore? Really? Because that sucked ass big time. I'd love a time where we could just comfortably be again, all bills paid and money left over. We haven't been there since summer of 2009. We've done all that we could to make sure it was better then it was but the struggle was still there. I am thankful for family. Jason busts his ass to make what he can. So please, help us out here 2011?

So here is to the bad being behind us, here is to me having a better outlook on the new year. Here is to us even if we struggle still having each other. Here is to my family being together, healthy and happy. Here is to a better outcome, more optimism, less stress, less depression. Heres to us.

I will not let 2011 bring me down like I did 2010. I will have my ups and downs but even during those downs i will remind myself I am still lucky. I will do my best to be happier.

So Happy New Year to all of those who read this. I wish you a wonderful 2011. Even if you have your ups and downs you find the good in all. Love to you all!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Happy Holidays! 50 free Shutterfly cards

I have wanted to take advantage of Shutterfly and their many options between mouse pads, photo books, mugs, calendars, all sorts of cards and regular prints. They offer pretty much everything. Through the grapevine I have found that they're offering 50 free card prints to bloggers. Since the holidays are here, I thought I would use this for my holiday cards. I dug around to find some of my favorites and they offer so many good templates for family cards. It was tough to even choose!

Here are just a few that they have to offer. There are hundreds more!

I'm excited to order our cards this year!