Sunday, October 16, 2011

It's been awhile

Hi, if you're hear reading this anyways.

It has been awhile since I posted in here, mainly because we have a lot going on that I don't want to openly discuss yet. Soon enough I will, I am sure.

Life has been hectic, busy honestly. Very busy. A lot of  changes are coming our families way and we are excited for them. They will hopefully (we believe anyways) bring what we need, a better and new future.

The boys are wonderful. All 3 are growing daily and they need to slow down a bit!

G is doing wonderful in Kinder and his soccer season ends on Thursday. He has taken quite wonderfully to the sport. Scoring many times during each game. I'm sad to see the season end but we will definitely be doing it again next year and possibly looking into t-ball this spring! He's doing well with sight words and learning to put them together. We are working on reading now as well. His writing is improving much more also.

D is devilish. I mean this child is seriously the rambunctious one of our 3 and he definitely lives up to the nick name trouble. So much energy! However in his escapades he's so sweet, caring and definitely funny. He has his moments with B but you can tell he loves him. He fights with G, but honestly I would probably be worried if we didn't have spats here and there. He is definitely his own and can go from moving so fast to wanting to snuggle. His speech is getting so much better and we are working on counting. So far 3 is as far as he gets and that's perfectly fine!

B is growing so quickly, not sure how I feel about that! It's so neat to see him change into his own little person instead of that whole baby blob thing you get. He is also trying to keep up with the older boys as far as playing and getting their attention. They don't ignore him, they love to help him. He's so goofy as well. When he gets into a mood, its so funny to watch. He goes bouncing off the walls toddler crazy! He is getting over a horrible sinus infection and getting all 4 1st year molars as well, he has just been so pleasant. I love him no less though!

That is our life currently. All 3 boys are great, we are working hard on making changes in our lives. I don't plan on ignoring my blog much longer, promise.

Friday, September 30, 2011

The land of Sickies

Remember how I posted about G bringing home that wonderful head cold the first week of school? Well, the damn thing is still hanging out at our house, however it's causing more problems then we need or that I even want.

The annoying part left, we were all no longer feeling the pressure inside our heads push out and that fun stuff. But then I realized runny noses and the coughing was lingering. I figured hey, it's starting to get cold out and such, its just hanging on. However a few days passed, still there. Then a week, still there. Two then finally we were in our 3rd week and I had enough. I took G to his Dr on Wednesday to deal with it. He had it the longest and it was starting to stop him from sleeping. The constant coughing fits were becoming too much for him to take. Nothing we were trying was working.

So, he prescribed him Amoxicillian. He has an ear infection in one ear on top of it all. He's been on it a bit longer than anyone else.

So, then today I had enough with B's constant fits. Poor guy had absolutely no sleep last night. How can I let my 12mo baby just go through this? I couldn't anymore. I tried everything, nothing was working. He was getting worse. I can't deal with that, I can't see him like this. So I called their Doctor and totally spaced on her telling me last week that she would be gone Wed and Fri (office closed always on Thur) so I had to either take him to Urgent Care or the local Walk-In Clinic. I opted for the walk in. I took D as well because he of course was suffering just as much.

D is pretty much going through the same thing as G is, so that was the same prescription.

B however has double ear infections and then a stinking sinus infection with fatigue. No wonder he's miserable! I knew the fatigue because he just can't sleep. The coughing, it's so constant. J was up last night with him till I got up for the day to get G ready for school. I'm glad to have answers, I'm glad to have the ball rolling to get them all healthy again. B can't have amox like the other two so he was given a different kind. But they've all been started so hopefully we'll see progress very soon! B really needs the sleep and we are to the point wherever he falls asleep is where we leave him till he wakes. Unless it's at night, then he's in his bed.

So that is what is going on here. The land is Sickies. So pitiful, so miserable.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A lot going on

We currently have a lot going on so please bear with me if there are no posts for awhile. Trying to find balance in our lives.

Friday, September 9, 2011

The first week of School

I had wanted to wait until G completed his whole first week of school before posting about it. But, he kinda did yesterday, not but really. If that makes any sense. Thursday, yesterday actually, he came home and was acting a bit off. We thought maybe he had gotten in trouble again like he did on the first day of school. Which was an understandable reason as to why he got into trouble. He wasn't used to the schedule and that lunch and snacks are at certain times, so constantly asking is going to land you in time out. It did. He wasn't punished at home. I had to have a long talk with him though. Information needs to be dragged out of him. I can tell something is wrong but he won't just let it out. So I talk, he answers, I slowly get it out of him. It works. No mean mom stuff.

Anyways, the 2nd day according to him was much better. They did math and science. They had 3 recess' and even a nap. Then yesterday, he came home. Told me he had a good day. But we could tell something wasn't right. He just wasn't himself. We thought maybe he got into trouble again and didn't want to tell us for fear of getting into trouble. Which wouldn't happen, unless it was something very serious. If it was another issue like being warned and not stopping, then going into time out, punishment was done, no need to carry over at home. A quick talk would be it. But he said he didn't get into trouble and swore up and down. I believe him. Then, he started getting upset (about an hour after being home). Complaining of not being able to swallow because it hurt. J looked in his throat, it was red. He felt warm. So off to Urgent Care. My children have this thing about doing any sort of injury or illness during Dr hours it seems. Anyways, we get there. Red throat, coughing, runny nose, sounding stuffed up. He still complained of swallowing hurting and was wallowing. I cuddled him and tried to make him laugh.

Dr. saw him, confirmed red throat. Did a swab test and we waited about 10 minutes for the results. It came back negative. It was being sent out for a culture but he was thinking it was viral and would just pass through soon. So, off we went. He got worse through the night so I ended up calling off on his first Friday. Didn't want too but I wasn't sending him in case he was contagious. So he knew there was no playing around today, which honestly he didn't look like he could. He's been holding a mild fever all day, very lethargic. We made up a makeshift bed in our room. Bunch of blankets on the floor for cushion and he has 2 himself to cover up with. I have the fan in our window because he's been going between hot and cold. He can also watch movies without being downstairs and getting his little brothers sick. My poor guy. First week of school and he already caught his first bug.

J and I have been chugging Emergen-C like it's going out of style. We know it's evident we'll eventually get sick, but hey, we can at least attempt to hold it off for as long as possible!

So, that's his first technical week. :)

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A walking One year old and a Kindergartner

It's so weird right now, so weird. I currently have only two children at home! Two. I'm used to three and right about now I would have two screaming boys at each other's throats and the whole me having to mediate. But not this morning, this morning I woke up at 6 and got my Kindergartner up at 630. Yes, my Kindergartner! He ate breakfast and got dressed, then off to the bus stop we went. It's located at the entrance of our neighborhood and we live in the back, so we drive down. He waited at the bus stop with his new friend and got on the bus without ever looking back. I'm so proud of him, he will do great, I know it. I however am nervous. Mainly because I can't wait to hug him and see how his first day went. Tomorrow we'll repeat the process. 

Then in this whole same week, B turned one and wasn't walking. Then yesterday he decided to start out of the blue! It totally came out of nowhere, not coaxed either. We (me, J, my mom and step-dad) were just hanging out and B stood up, then stood for a minute and took off. Nobody trying to get him to walk to them or anything. All on his own! Then he proceeded to make his walking farther and farther the rest of the day. I can't believe it! We joked he wouldn't walk forever because he was so hesitant. He just needed to get that last nerve and he did :) My baby is walking and my other baby is in school!

D is adjusting so far. He went pee on the potty already, unprompted! I hope with G in school that potty training will become easy and not a hassle. I think be being able to have more focus on just D will bring ease to him. Lets hope for an easy process because I honestly think he's getting even more ready by the day. 

A video of B walking yesterday:

G all set for school with his Mario back pack
and Sonic t-shirt. Oh and a crazy baby brother behind him.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

A little break, please?

So today B and I spent a good portion in Urgent Care. Why? Because my sweet little baby has an infection in his finger. Yup, his finger. See I went through an infection with D at the same age, granted two totally different types but still an infection around their 1st birthday. I don't like this.

It looks like it was caused by a small cut or crack in his skin. He doesn't walk yet so he still crawls. We have 2 brothers, 4 cats and 2 dogs. Gunk gets around no matter how much I try and sweep the floors. So, it became infected. He is now on an antibacterial and hopefully it will help. We have to attempt to keep it dry and clean as well as bandaged. So far I have replaced the band-aid like 5 times. Once before we even left urgent care! A 1 year old isn't going to keep it on if he doesn't want it on.

So he is okay, it never once bothered him. He woke up from his nap and I noticed his finger was red. I didn't think anything of it, I figured he's teething he was probably sucking or chewing on it. Then I noticed it was a bit bigger then it should have been. So I called J over to look at it and he said it looked really infected and that there was a puss pocket. Great. So, I packed him up and off to urgent care we went. I don't take lightly to infections. If you know the ordeal with D, then you understand. So yes, even a little finger infection is very very serious to me. Ever since dealing with D's abscess, I have been a wreck when it comes to them. I don't take any sickness lightly. I mean, I am not over zealous or crazy, but I watch it and if it seems to be serious or need attention, I take them to the Dr. But my children have that sense of day because they never do these things on a week day, when their Dr office is open. So I tend to go to Urgent care. Or sometimes the ER.

However, he's okay. He'll be fine and hopefully it goes down. I will be making his 1 year appointment and will have her check it out then.

Going to see if I can't get my sweet baby to bed because this mama is tired!