About The Boys

G is our oldest, due at the end of 2005, he decided that to come late to his own party was awesome. He was 5 days late (Jan 2006) and born on the one day I honestly did not want him born on. But, who am I to stop him? 24 hours of labor, an "emergency" c-section, our first born came into our world and has filled our lives and hearts since.

He is now 5 years old, almost 6. He starts Kindergarten in a few weeks and is so very excited. He recently lost his 1st tooth (As you can see) and is the sweetest boy ever. He has discovered a love of video games (I blame his dad for this, ahem) and his favorites are Super Mario and Sonic.

Favorite snack I believe are pretzels and granola bars. Favorite dinner, according to him is hamburger helper. He loves ice cream and cake. Toy Story, Tangled, Despicable Me, The Addams Family, The Dark Crystal and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - the 90's versions. He loves Spongebob, Roseanne (yes), Everybody loves Raymond (yes again), Chopped, Diners, Drive-ins and Dives as well as MasterChef. He is such a typical 5 year old. Running, jumping, joke telling laughable little boy! He loves his little brothers even though he can be bossy and what he wants to be when he grows up? He wants to be like his Daddy.

D is our 2nd born. Due in November of 2008, on daddies birthday actually he also was late to his own party. Dane was born at home (and my first hbac) one week after his due date (41wk) and on Black Friday. He is so very vocal and lets you know he is in your presence. He definitely competes for the attention in the household.

D loves Tangled, Beauty and The Beast, Despicable Me, Spongebob, The Backyardigans. He also love Turtles. Any snack is his favorite and he is picky when it comes to dinners. He is our snuggle bug but it is on his terms. He loves cars, cars and all kinds of cars. He is 100% a dirt loving child.

He won't go anywhere without his blankie. We made him a knot tie blanket for his 2nd Christmas and has been attached to it ever since. We joke he'll be taking it to college with him.

We have recently started the joys of potty training but are not pushing it full force. We go with his word and once his brother starts school we will work a bit harder in hopes that brothers distraction being gone will help him focus a bit better. He is such a sweet and loving little boy, who just wants to play and play, will snuggle you forever and really hates when his brothers touch his cars :)

B is our youngest. He was due last August 2010 and of course in the fashion of my children, arrived late. He was born at 10 days late and that equals to be 41 weeks and 3 days. So Sept 1st is his Birthday. He also, like D, was born at home. My 2nd successful hbac. He was born on the last day of Summer weather wise. It was hot and humid, the next day it fell in temps and never picked up till this year.

He is almost 1, crawling every where and is now standing unassisted. He was breastfed till 9 months and I have a condition called IGT which is short for Insufficient Glandular Tissue. I don't produce enough to satisfy them. I have gone longer each baby. It becomes clear that they don't thrive and it has taken me a long time to come to terms with it but I am slowly getting there. I can't change it but I can push hard to be successful in nursing. Even if we have to use donor milk or formula.

Along with standing on his own with getting into the standing position he is starting to show that he wants to walk but doesn't have the nerve yet. He has 7 teeth, 4 on top and 3 on the bottom. He is a people food piggy and is starting to figure out the whole milk thing.

Showing tons of interest in cars and loves to attempt to climb the stairs. The cutest smiles and laughs as well as facial expressions. He's definitely the baby and plays it up. He's growing so fast and I can't believe it. He adores his brothers and loves to follow them around, they make him giggle and are all honestly so happy together. I love watching them grow every day into their own little people. I can't believe B will be a toddler soon! He's my baby with the blonde hair and gorgeous blue eyes!