Wednesday, February 16, 2011


One thing I hate is laundry. I have never been a fan of this. Okay, no I should say I am not a fan of the whole folding and putting away. Too bothersome in my opinion, washing, drying - fine by me. Folding and putting away? Can go do it itself. However when you have a family of 5, you accumulate a lot of laundry. It's quite sickening honestly. Season by season a new set of sick rolls its way into my hampers and call out to be washed. I tell it to screw off but they don't listen. They gather their laundry army and double by the next day. I can't win.

Or so I thought! I won the Great Laundry Battle as I have sadly dubbed it. 3 kids, there is a lot to clean, 1 husband who has more clothes then me, there is a lot to clean. My slacking honestly wasn't good. I probably did 15 good loads in the last week in a half to catch up. We have already had 1 major folding session and tonight will be our next and last. It's that crazy! But, since i have finally caught up I am going to do my best to stay on top of it. I can't say we'll get behind a bit or not but i'll do my best to avoid what i just did. On top of all that, every 3-4 days I am washing diapers.

So you probably find this boring (if you're actually reading this at all..) but i'm proud of me! To finally be caught up and done with the whole big she-bang. It's a nice accomplishment. So HA, laundry I beat YOU. Take that :p

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

An Amazing Story

I belong to a mom forum and it has this part where you as a blogger can sign up and have your blog appear in their update system. Well, I believe that's how it works anyways haha. Well, they have a Facebook page and on it they plugged one of their guest bloggers. Normally I skip over them and go back later when I want to read but this one just caught my eye.

It took me about 3 days to get through because with 3 kids myself, time isn't always there. I'd read some parts of a post when I was nursing Bishop, during a quick mental break or after they were all in bed. Tonight I finished it and it brought tears to my eyes. Happy ones.

This lady has gone through a lot and by that I really mean a lot. I think she is wonderful for sharing her story and journey. It is about her journey with cancer and treating it all while being pregnant. I could not imagine all that goes through a person to be dealing with cancer and then on top of it finding out you're pregnant. The ups and downs, her struggles with it and her outcome just was so capturing. It will sit in my heart forever.

I am glad that I decided to read it even if it took me a few days. I want to share it with those of you who may be reading this. So please take a moment or 3 days (har har) to read this. I am going to link you to the section called The Whole Story, it's last post is actually the most recent published yesterday. So when you're done you'll have to go to the main page to read it. I think it's definitely worth the time to read it.