Thursday, June 30, 2011

I made it! The last day of June.

I am quite proud of myself honestly. I set a goal for myself and I achieved it. I wanted to write in here at least once a day for the whole month of June and I did it. Today is June 30th and this is my 30th post! This month hasn't been easy to do either. Considering our Dell crashed in late May and then we had the old Compaq set up and that took a dive on us. So that left us with no computer. In turn I had already started my blogging challenge and was determined to keep writing. So, what did I end up doing? I used my Evo. Even though it was hard to do, the posts were very short I managed. I did it.

So I am proud of myself. I also managed to almost complete my photo challenge (I need to do todays and get them posted) but this was the big one. I believe I have finally created a good habit as well. I am not to the point where I need to make sure something is written in here, even if its just a photo with a caption or two to three sentences. It's something.

I would go weeks on end without updating here and I don't really know why. I know hardly anyone reads this (if any) that I don't link back to. But it's come down to it that I felt the need to do it for myself. Silly? Probably, but I'm happy with the outcome.

Tomorrow is July 1st. JULY! I can't believe that July is here. Tomorrow I will also have a 10 month old. The year is flying by. My boys are growing into wonderful little gentlemen and amaze me every day with something new.

So, here for my 30th post on the 30th day of June, I will just say this. I'll write tomorrow so "see" you then :)

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Oh how I heart cloth diapering!

We started cloth diapering when we were preparing to have Dane. I set up a decent sized stash and then for some reason after a couple of months we just kinda quit. I don't honestly know why. Anyways, we were fine financially and it just didn't bother us. Then, things took a turn for the worse. Dane became sick and we spent a week 2 1/2 hours away from home in a hospital. He had a deep abscess on his neck. During this time things went south at my husbands employer but I honestly am not going to get into that. We did nothing wrong, he did nothing wrong. We had a sick child and were far away from home. Not to get upset about it, it put us in a very difficult spot and since then we have not been the same. Oh this was back in Dec of 09. We have struggled since then but have learned a lot about ourselves.

Then we found out we were pregnant with Bishop. This honestly came at such a hard time. I couldn't have wanted him more though. Despite what we were going through, this baby to us was meant to be and here he is. This proposed a very difficult situation to us. My husband was working but it wasn't guaranteed. By the time Bishop was born, things were fizzling out, the guy who I have a tendency to call the douche really started to flake. We didn't want to be associated with him, we wanted to separate ourselves from him and just move on. My husband got a new job, he loves his job and while we are still struggling to pick up the pieces that fell off the truck this past year and a half, we're doing it.

Then in January we decided to go back to cloth diapering. We have two kids in diapers and the cost was becoming insane to buy different sizes pretty much every single week. I brought it back up and he wasn't sold at first but said fine. So I ordered a bunch of new ones and we were set. We had the ones from Dane but quickly realized I didn't have many size assortments. Our whole stash now minus like 8 diapers (that I just replaced) are OS, one size. They will fit both boys. That is what I need! As addicting as cloth diapering is, I can't go all crazy on spending like I would love to. We're doing it to save money, be practical.

Soo this brings me to my reason of posting this! Today I got my 1st two new diapers :D Yes, the giddy in me is coming out. I am expecting 10 total, 8 from another shipment but that won't arrive till next week. I heart heart heart fluffy mail. My husband thinks I'm crazy but what does he know? I am trying GoGreen Pocket Diapers for the first time. I ordered the Fuzzy Green Stars and Moo Champ. I admit, I just wanted a cow print diaper haha. I love prints but because of cost most of the time, I don't buy them. Solids are what fill 99% of our stash. Seriously.

The next batch that I am waiting for and what most of our stash is consisted of are KaWaii pocket diapers. I really enjoy pockets mainly because I can control the absorbency and they simple enough for my husband, mom or anyone else can use on the boys.

So yay, I can't wait for the rest. Then we are set. For awhile anyways ;)

Moo Champ & Fuzzy Green Stars

Monday, June 27, 2011

Heavy Heart

It's hard to be happy right now. A mom on a parenting forum I belong to lost her daughter yesterday. She passed away from a severe head injury from a simple every day fall that all babies do. She was the same age as Bishop. It's hard to grasp. I never personally knew her or her mom but I have "known" them for 3 years now seeing as Dane is the same age as her twin daughters as well. I know most people find the online friendships silly so think what you want, the loss of a child of any age can hit anyone hard. This one hit me hard.

Seeing my baby reminds me of her. Seeing him do the same things she was probably doing. It makes me sad that her mama is grieving when she should be enjoying her. It's not fair, not fair at all. I'm not religious but it makes me question so many things. How can this happen to such an innocent little life? A life, a baby, a sweet precious baby who had so many years to live. How could this happen? I know it's the real world and life isn't fair. Before becoming a parent my feelings weren't so there. They were aware but knowing the fears that a mother experiences daily, knowing that this was such a freak accident, it doesn't make it any better. Its just hard to grasp. As a parent you worry about so many things but these learning to stand falls are so common. Yes they fall and bump their heads, but they come out okay. Not this time. She should be here. It just isn't fair.

Her mom is holding it up so well, well, to us anyways. I can't imagine the pain and sorrow she is experiencing. My heart will forever be with her, my thoughts will never forget that sweet sweet baby. Life, it's so precious. We often take it for granted. In light of the past couple of months my eyes have been opened up to realizing that we shouldn't take the small stuff for granted. Our babies are so precious no matter their age. They're our babies.

Forever our babies.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Hold them close

Your children, babies, hold them close and don't let go. I really have no words right now. My heart is just breaking for a family and their little Elli..

Saturday, June 25, 2011

They're amazing little people

Today as I was switching out laundry I had Dane in there with me. He's become my little "mama I wanna help!" guy. As he was helping me sort and put towels into the washer after we pulled out the diapers he was talking to me. I mean, not toddler jibberish but actual talking. He has this sweet little voice and  once I stopped paying attention to the laundry and listened to him he was actually carrying on a conversation. He was telling me about his toy car that he had with him. The wheels and the color. How it goes fast. It then dawned on me how well his sentences were and how fast his vocabulary just seemed to sneak up on me. I listened to him and agreed his car could go fast and fast as well as it had lots of wheels. He then wanted to see the washer fill up and as he said "mama, i see, i see!" 

I have always known his vocab jumped big time once we finally broke him of his bink. But I guess I never realized how big it had grown. Looking back I tried to remember how Gage's vocab was at 2 and a half. Now, I know not all children are the same and boy do my kids live to that standard. They are definitely their own people but I was looking for the common in all children of the age group, the basic level. I have a video of Gage around the same age and he was chatting to himself. Looking at it I can't remember him having this big of sentence structure or maybe it's just the video. Gage spoke wonderfully at this age. Maybe it's because I was just taken back on how well Dane has grown in less then a year? Or how he's just really catching on to things around him.

I cut his hair today and realized as well he often refers to himself in the 3rd person. I find it quite adorable. Don't take any of this as I don't pay attention to what my  kids say, I do. It just seemed to be one of those days where I went back and said "Whoa! There is a lot more then I initially thought!" Children are amazing creatures like that. Anyways, back to the hair cut story. As I was prepping his hair, getting it combed so we didn't have snags he kept insisting he sit. Or as he said "Mama, Dane sit. No standing, it hurts." I convinced him to stand though as it made it much easier to get his hair cut properly. Sneaky mama I am. He just wanted to sit and be tricky. He comes by it honestly haha. As I was cutting the hair off he became very concerned. He saw the hair fall and repeated "Dane's hair! Look mama, Dane's hair!" and I thought the cutest one was when it landed on his tush and he told me. "Hair is on Dane's butt mama! Get it off!"  He then went into his silly racing mode where he goes from the entry way to the kitchen, back and forth, back and forth.

He's growing up. We are nearing 3. I was looking at him and remembering when he was Bishop's age. How did we get to almost 3 already?! Then on top of that, I was having more thoughts about how I am going to have a Kindergartner this fall. Time seriously does fly by. Gage was Dane's age when I was pregnant with Dane. How can he already be 5 and going to school this fall? How can we be there already? How can Bishop already be testing the boundaries of standing and trying to crawl by using all four's instead of using his hands and knees. How are they growing up so fast? I don't know but they're doing it. They're amazing little people. They bring the biggest smiles to my face every day, even when they're such goobers. Believe me, they can be big goobers. They are my goobers though. They are my bug loving, booger eating, fart joking, sweet, snuggling baby boys. All 3 of them. They'll forever be my baby boys.

I'll love you forever,
I'll like you for always,
As long as I'm living
my baby you'll be.

Robert Munsch's "Love you Forever" our favorite book.

Friday, June 24, 2011

A Beautiful Sky

The only time today the sun came out, just as it started to set.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Clapping Baby

I honestly have a lot I could say, I just don't want to. So I will leave you with a little video of Bishop clapping. Jason helps him a little bit but he has definitely gotten the hang of clapping on his own. Sweet babies :)

The video is a few days old so he has mastered clapping without help now.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Swelling and ring cutting

My finger swelled badly today and this was the look of it around my wedding and engagement rings. It became so bad that I actually had to cut them off :( which yes, does make me sad. I feel so naked without them.

They are currently sitting in a safe place in hopes that I can save them. I can probably have my engagement ring saved but not my wedding ring. That one had to really be cut. It sucks but I would hate to see what would have happened had I left them on. Its definitely bruised, red and still swollen. Icing it hasn't taken it down at all. I hate you weather. Hate you.

We talked about possibly getting tattooed bands. I want roman numerals of our wedding date. Keep your opinions to yourself about this one please. I do plan on replacing both rings when possible as well. I hate not having them on me but nothing I can do about it right now.

This is the before photo and here are the afters. I'm about to go head to bed and wait for Jason to call from break . Tomorrow I am selling my lens! Yes, thank you thank you thank you. Much needed. I can buy the diapers we need to replace (I didn't think about this very well when we bought these diapers in the first place almost 3 years ago). Chunks McGee is definitely growing. OS dipes it is for us.

Goodnight! I leave you with the angry finger.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My Night from Hell

Most nights like that would normally revolve around children yet last night didn't. Oh last night sucked big time. I mean, Bishop had a hard time sleeping at first so I brought him into bed with me. Nothing difficult. No fighting to go to sleep or anything. So after I fell asleep about an hour and a half later I wake up to gagging on stomach acid. This happens to me a lot. Jason was at work so instead of calling for him I got up to go get some milk. However in the process of getting up and stretching, I got a horrible charlie horse. So here I am, gagging/choking/coughing on stomach acid and my leg seizes up. To the point I can't rub the knot out, I have to actually stand up and attempt to stand on it. Which hurt so badly.

I manage to stand up, get some weight onto the leg and slowly make my way downstairs. Without trying to wake a single child up. That was hard because I wanted to scream and cry. Get downstairs, drink two small glasses of milk (and if you know me, I don't do dairy very well) but it was the only thing that helps when this happens and then head back to bed.

I move Bishop into his bed because clearly if me going through those two things didn't budge him, he was fine to sleep back in his bed. I figured it would be for the best with the way my night seemed to be going haha. So back to sleep I went. Woke up around 7am and my body decided to hate me yet again. I woke up to having a mild gallbladder attack. I won't go into details, lets just say me and the bathroom became best friends till around 10am. My back is still sore from my attack. My throat is killing me as is my right leg.

I'm just all sorts of fun today aren't I?

Monday, June 20, 2011


Quick post, long day today and I am tired. Bishop is having a rough night so he's laying in bed with me, hence why this is quick. I hope to move Jim to his he'd in a few.


Sunday, June 19, 2011

Fathers Day

Happy Fathers Day!

Jason, you are by far an amazing father and wonderful husband. You work so hard for us, do so much for us, you mean everything to us. We love you dearly.

Holding Gage at a few hours old.

Holding Dane for the first time.

And now I can add Bishop! Holding Bish for the first time :)

Happy Fathers Day, we love you so much.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Please, go to sleep!

Tonight was one of those nights. The littlest has already been having sleeping issues with his teeth bothering him. But the older two for some reason decided for tonight to be a super late night. Maybe because they were in trouble and went to bed a bit earlier then usual. Not much but still. 11pm rolled around, mind you they normally would have been asleep for 3 and 2 1/2 hours by then but nope. Gage comes out, proclaiming a bad dream. Don't think I'm a bad mom for not believing this. This has become a nightly thing for the past couple of months. Every night there is a bad dream. I don't discount it every time but times like tonight, I do. It was quite obvious he hadn't been to sleep. The laughing really gave it away. It was his attempt to get out of going to bed or to either to sleep in our bedroom. Neither was going to happen. He finally settled and went to bed. Dane was up as well so I am hoping to get to sleep in some tomorrow. I am not crossing any fingers though.

So, since I hear nothing at the moment. It is 11:28pm, I am going to head to bed. I try to be in bed before midnight and so far, I'm on track. A little late but still on track. Goodnight if you're reading.

Friday, June 17, 2011

An early night

I was going to sit here and post a long entry but honestly right now, I just don't have it in me. It's been a long tiring day that carried on a horrid headache. Seriously this headache came on from me cracking my neck and it stayed for a good four hours. So my mood is meh, I'm tired, the boys are all sleeping.

Tomorrow is a lazy day. Jason is at work tonight so he'll be sleeping till around 1pm. The boys have already chosen their morning mellow out movie, Gnomeo and Juliet. So we'll be doing that. I will get some laundry put away and probably just hang out at home. I do have to get my photos on to my external mac drive though so I can finally empty out my entire memory card.

Another day, another post. Goodnight.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

A short one tonight. Tomorrow we are going to a playgroup at a local park downtown. I'm very nervous and anxious. I am sure I'll be fine once there but it's the whole convincing myself to actually go thing that gets me. I best be off to bed, have a few things to do in the morning before we head out. I'm sure I'll be running like a chicken with its head cut off attempting to get the four of us out of the door. Wish us luck!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Chubbo Bubbo

Today was Bishop's 9 month well baby check up. I took a poll on my facebook to see what people thought he weighed just based off my profile photo. Two people guessed correct. Bishop is 21lbs, he is in the 50th percentile for his weight and he is 28" long and in the 50th for that as well. His curve ball just blew up recently. Thank goodness! She is very happy with his progress and how great he's doing. She said everything sounded great and is happy with his progress on milestones and weight.

Dane has been super clingy today. Very mama oriented. Which is great but definitely odd. He's not normally like that. I will take the snuggles that I can get so I won't complain. He wasn't acting any different feeling wise just has been attached to my hip pretty much. We watched Booty and the Beast or since he just directly asks for Beast most of the time. Followed by Pinocchio. Dane went down for a nap and Gage wanted to watch Pinocchio again so we did. I don't get my kids and their wanting to watch several movies at least twice a day haha.

Weather was beautiful! Love this weather and temp. Loving being able to have my windows open and have a decent cool breeze go through. Heart it.

Well, going to go cuddle up with the injured husband. Goodnight!

Photo blog is updated as well.

Monday, June 13, 2011

I never thought I'd be so happy to see Window's installing..

Never in my life would I have ever thought to be so happy to see Window's downloading. My heart forever belongs to Apple. We couldn't get the old desktop to work. Jason tried many different things but it wouldn't go. This one technically is two different computers put into one. We had a disc from our old laptop for Window's Vista but combined the computer didn't have enough RAM memory to support it. We bought one but it didn't fit. A wonderful wonderful friend sent us extra RAM she had and thankfully, it work! So finally instead of typing from my Evo, I am using our desktop. While not an Apple, this thing will do just fine for now. Giggity giggity. I am a happy camper.

Today was my moms birthday so, Happy Birthday Mom! We went over there and had a delicious steak dinner. Cake and ice cream. Followed by a game of Euchre. I hope she had a good birthday. The boys weren't listening that well and Bishop fought sleep. But all in all it was a decent day there.

The guy came to look at the Quad. Figured that it started for Jason but didn't start for the guy. It works, it sat in the garage all winter un touched. The battery needs more charging that's all. Hopefully he'll come back tomorrow and if not I'll contact the next guy who wanted to see it.

My lovely husband wrenched his back while working with the quad today. He didn't have his footing right while lifting and hurt his back. He went to Urgent Care after we got home from my moms and just called me. He pinched a nerve as well as tore a muscle. Poor guy. He's on weight restrictions and can't lift more then 20lbs for two weeks. So hopefully he will be okay at work with his job. He lifts heavy things but he said if he stays away from certain areas he should be good.

That's it for today. My camera is still importing photos. Oh yay, I get to finally start to edit photos again! This makes me happy haha.


Sunday, June 12, 2011

Different day, Same Devlin

Today was finally a sunny and slightly warmer day. Quite over the rain we had lately, as well as the super chilly temps. Hopefully it stays this way and gradually becomes warmer.

Tomorrow someone is coming to look at the quad we are selling. Fingers crossed it goes through. I am still trying to sell my lens. That would buy us the new computer tower. Some interest but no final takers. I wish something would happen.

Ah but its time to head off. This was definitely an up and down day.

Ps, check out Just Go With It ;) my title will make sense then.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Truckin' along

I'm actually doing pretty good in this whole challenge thing and that makes me happy. Even though I feel like they're short it's still something. I'm at this post now Eleven days in, which is great! This is the most in one month I have written since I started blogging.

Not having the computer has become less annoying, to a degree. I have wanted to post my blogs easier and do our bill stuff but it's not possible right now. But I am loving the snuggles in the morning the boys and I have. Every morning they have breakfast and we curl up to watch a movie. Sometimes two. It's become a fun little thing for us. Even if Tangled is requested more then once. I will take it.

I'm going to get going though. I do want to share a photo of Bishop from this morning. He was eating a snack after he woke up from his nap, he was so happy. You can even see two little teefs in there!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Cold and Dreary

Another short one, I apologize. I am still getting my posts in so that is all that matters. Today was one of those days. You know the dark gloomy constant drizzle and chilly to boot. Yup, that kind of day. We Hung around insurance huddled up on the couch watching movies. It was a decent day for the most part.

I am currently holding an adorable 9 month old who's having falling to sleep issues so I am going to sign off in hopes I can transport him. Goodnight!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Well looky, its a computer!

Finally, I am on a computer. Although it's not mine it's still a computer haha. I am still going to have to keep this short as I am trying to finish up doing some things on craigslist for my mom and myself.

This whole computer situation has been seriously annoying and stressful. I didn't really think it would be such a pain as it has been. We are still trying to fix up our old desk top, we need a new ram in order to run vista. That has become a pain in attempting to get the right one. I'm still selling my sigma lens in hopes of buying a new tower. We have everything else for a computer, the tower right now is all we need.

Gages two kinder days went great. He loved it and can't wait to officially start in fall. He worked on the letter A the first day and the letter B the second day. He made a new friend named Mitchell and loved to ride the bus. I didn't get great photos but will do so when he starts in September. I still can't believe we're at this stage! A grade schooler, crazy.

But sorry to cut this short, day nine is completed. So glad I am keeping up on this! I want to thank Sarah for the inspiration :) even if its just dribble or randomness it's still something.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

its a no go.

Very tired of having to use this phone so tonight my post is short. Tomorrow will he a better update because I can use my moms computer.

Day 8, over & out. Ps, any one want a sigma 10-20mm wide angle lens? Selling it to hopefully get a new computer.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

This is getting old

Not having a computer is getting real old, in a way its nice but in reality its been difficult. Once you don't have one you realize how dependent you are on one, how much you actually do on one. Then BAM its gone and you're like "well, crap."

Today was a big day. Gage went to school. It's only for two days but incoming kindergarten kids go and get familiar with the teachers, school and each other. They read books, sung songs, had a snack, recess, and worked on the letter A. He got in the bus like he had been doing it for years. Tomorrow is the last day and then summer. Not quite sure what day it starts but here we start after labor day.

So here is day 7, hoping tomorrow I get to post from an actual computer! Maybe even get to actually post the photos I have taken. Goodnight.

Monday, June 6, 2011

But i cant sleep!

If tonight is any indication how its going to be come Sept, we're going to be in trouble. Gage is restless. The nights Jason work are normally a issue with him because he doesn't like him going so tack on the whole going to school tomorrow, he's not wanting to go to sleep. I just can't wait for school to officially start /sarcasm. I plan on starting our school routine possibly 1-2 weeks before school starts. That way we are all adjusted and not dragging on the first day. Can I just say I still can't believe we are at this point already?! Geeze.

We have an old desktop set up. Jason has to work on it some to hopefully get it working. We need a computer. There is no doubt we need one. He will be getting info from a school in the mail soon. We are going to look it over and see if its the right school for him. I think he needs this. He wants it, so I support him fully. When he is done, I want to take some photography classes.

Day six a success. Boys are in bed, bishop is asleep in the swing, diaper laundry is going and I hate typing on my phone. So goodnight!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Why can't I twitch my nose like Samantha Stevens?

Lately my house has been bothering me, we moved in just over a year ago and it took several months before the house officially became ours. Many of you probably know the whole she-bang drag out issues we had with it so I'm not going to hash it out again. Basically, we weren't sure if we were staying or going. So we never really 100% settled in. Even after living there over a year I still don't feel like it's my house. We haven't painted mainly because it can become costly but we really just have not settled in. We have hung some photos but it's slowly becoming cluttered.

It's driving me nuts. I have decided I am going to just start pitching things left and right to get rid of it. I can't believe how much and how quickly things can accumulate. I'm not the best house keeper but I do try. I also have 3 boys who it doesn't matter how much effort you put into keeping a room clean are going to destroy it in a mere matter of seconds. Heck, just Dane could do the destruction by himself.

But I am starting to feel more at home, like it is ours. It's so strange how emotionally I just have not connected. Even after Bishop was born there this past September, the emotions just aren't there yet.

With that said, I do wish I could twitch my nose and everything does exactly what I want it to. The floor sweeps itself (what the hell were we thinking with no carpet?!), or that the counters were instantly clean. The toilets scrubbed themselves, the laundry wash, dried and put away with two twitches. I think you catch my drift. I would only use it for good, well, maybe. Oh the joy of thoughts about never having to physically do any of that stuff again. I'd be one happy camper.

Who am I kidding though? I'd be lucky to get a sneeze to wash my windows. I am glad that I managed to get a day five written on a real computer instead of my evo. That was a major pain, it's fun in small amounts but when you only have that to connect you to the internet it gets old and fast. Hopefully soon we'll have a new computer to use. Two comps are shot, they would cost the same to buy new to repair them.

Ah, oh well. So happy day five! See you all tomorrow :)

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Quality time

Day four is here and I'm still on my phone. It's not bad but attempting to blog is a wee bit difficult. Hopefully that will change soon. Anyways its kinda been nice, no 5 year old to hound about getting on to play nick Jr or super mario. We also no longer have tv so we have been snuggling while watching movies of their choices. Tangled has been a first choice. I have also gotten my butt beat several times at chutes and ladders.

Sorry this is short but the phone is very annoying. Tomorrow I will be able to post my photos also using my moms comp.


Friday, June 3, 2011

day three: i killed another one

Well this sucks, I was on the POS Compaq today and it died. Jason says that he should be able to get it back up again but this right here proves how unreliable the computer really is. We need on so he can take classes online and some sandy seeing as we no longer have tv.

I can type my posts here obviously but can't post my once a day photo. I took one still. I'm hoping to have the laptop up soon. He works tonight and something to keep me occupied after he leaves and the boys are in bed. My nights would become very boring. Using my phone would also get very old. It honestly already has. So I'm doing to call it quits. I still got day three in!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Day Two: Kindergarten Experience

This fall I will have an official kindergartner. Totally not ready for this in the slightest, its still crazy to me that he's even old enough to be ready to go. I feel like yesterday Gage was just 2. Time has flown by way to fast and I am not liking it a single bit.

The Kindergarten Experience is something that the district we live in does. Possibly others do but this is the first time I am hearing of it. For two days they have the kids come to school to get acquainted and learn about it all. Unlike when he starts school officially this is just a half day. He will be going to all day Kindergarten. So, Tuesday June 7th and 8th, I will be walking him down to the front of our neighborhood and getting him on a bus. A bus! He is scheduled to go in the PM so that works, I can get him breakfast and ready. If it were in the AM I know I would have felt far too rushed. I need a few more months before that starts haha.

Pictures will be a definite. A bus, I can't believe it. The last 5 years have flown by. Never in these 5 years have I imagined we'd be here already. I'm not quite sure what I will do with only two at home during the day but I know that school will be a great thing for Gage. I believe Mr. Social will do just fine.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Challenge, Day One: Bishop's 9 Months!

So here we are today is June 1st. It means its the start of my challenges and also something else special. Today, Bishop is 9 months old. It's crazy that 9 months have already passed. He's growing so much and is such a little porker. We hit our 9 month nursing milestone as well. That journey has been a long hard one honestly. We have overcome the upsets and are moving forward. I love the snuggles and big smiles.

He still refuses to crawl, but he's getting there. Well, I shouldn't say refuses but he definitely has been stubborn about it. Hates tummy time and will do whatever he can to get off it. Screaming and crying is his biggest winner. We've been working with him more to figure out how to get on all 4's, today was actually pretty successful. He even pulled up to standing position using Jason who was laying on the floor with him! That's a big step for him.

He is a piggy. Loves to eat big people food, devoured some cheese chunks the other day and loved banana slices. Noodles are also a favorite.

His big brothers can make him laugh all the time. His smiles are all through his face.

Teeth, he's getting them! His first tooth was his 2nd right incisor. Totally not where you'd expect to get the 1st tooth haha. His 2nd and 3rd teeth were his bottoms and now his 4th is cutting through. It's his left front tooth! So he's going to have a funky looking smile for a few. He's an amazing chunkamunk.

So here is my first post. Hate that it was so late but it took me a few to get the photos I wanted onto this laptop. It's old, it's slow but it works so I won't really complain. Tomorrow I will work hard to get my post up much sooner in the day. So for day one, I don't think it was that bad. Hopefully this creates a really good habit.