Monday, June 6, 2011

But i cant sleep!

If tonight is any indication how its going to be come Sept, we're going to be in trouble. Gage is restless. The nights Jason work are normally a issue with him because he doesn't like him going so tack on the whole going to school tomorrow, he's not wanting to go to sleep. I just can't wait for school to officially start /sarcasm. I plan on starting our school routine possibly 1-2 weeks before school starts. That way we are all adjusted and not dragging on the first day. Can I just say I still can't believe we are at this point already?! Geeze.

We have an old desktop set up. Jason has to work on it some to hopefully get it working. We need a computer. There is no doubt we need one. He will be getting info from a school in the mail soon. We are going to look it over and see if its the right school for him. I think he needs this. He wants it, so I support him fully. When he is done, I want to take some photography classes.

Day six a success. Boys are in bed, bishop is asleep in the swing, diaper laundry is going and I hate typing on my phone. So goodnight!

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