Monday, June 13, 2011

I never thought I'd be so happy to see Window's installing..

Never in my life would I have ever thought to be so happy to see Window's downloading. My heart forever belongs to Apple. We couldn't get the old desktop to work. Jason tried many different things but it wouldn't go. This one technically is two different computers put into one. We had a disc from our old laptop for Window's Vista but combined the computer didn't have enough RAM memory to support it. We bought one but it didn't fit. A wonderful wonderful friend sent us extra RAM she had and thankfully, it work! So finally instead of typing from my Evo, I am using our desktop. While not an Apple, this thing will do just fine for now. Giggity giggity. I am a happy camper.

Today was my moms birthday so, Happy Birthday Mom! We went over there and had a delicious steak dinner. Cake and ice cream. Followed by a game of Euchre. I hope she had a good birthday. The boys weren't listening that well and Bishop fought sleep. But all in all it was a decent day there.

The guy came to look at the Quad. Figured that it started for Jason but didn't start for the guy. It works, it sat in the garage all winter un touched. The battery needs more charging that's all. Hopefully he'll come back tomorrow and if not I'll contact the next guy who wanted to see it.

My lovely husband wrenched his back while working with the quad today. He didn't have his footing right while lifting and hurt his back. He went to Urgent Care after we got home from my moms and just called me. He pinched a nerve as well as tore a muscle. Poor guy. He's on weight restrictions and can't lift more then 20lbs for two weeks. So hopefully he will be okay at work with his job. He lifts heavy things but he said if he stays away from certain areas he should be good.

That's it for today. My camera is still importing photos. Oh yay, I get to finally start to edit photos again! This makes me happy haha.


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