Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Challenge, Day One: Bishop's 9 Months!

So here we are today is June 1st. It means its the start of my challenges and also something else special. Today, Bishop is 9 months old. It's crazy that 9 months have already passed. He's growing so much and is such a little porker. We hit our 9 month nursing milestone as well. That journey has been a long hard one honestly. We have overcome the upsets and are moving forward. I love the snuggles and big smiles.

He still refuses to crawl, but he's getting there. Well, I shouldn't say refuses but he definitely has been stubborn about it. Hates tummy time and will do whatever he can to get off it. Screaming and crying is his biggest winner. We've been working with him more to figure out how to get on all 4's, today was actually pretty successful. He even pulled up to standing position using Jason who was laying on the floor with him! That's a big step for him.

He is a piggy. Loves to eat big people food, devoured some cheese chunks the other day and loved banana slices. Noodles are also a favorite.

His big brothers can make him laugh all the time. His smiles are all through his face.

Teeth, he's getting them! His first tooth was his 2nd right incisor. Totally not where you'd expect to get the 1st tooth haha. His 2nd and 3rd teeth were his bottoms and now his 4th is cutting through. It's his left front tooth! So he's going to have a funky looking smile for a few. He's an amazing chunkamunk.

So here is my first post. Hate that it was so late but it took me a few to get the photos I wanted onto this laptop. It's old, it's slow but it works so I won't really complain. Tomorrow I will work hard to get my post up much sooner in the day. So for day one, I don't think it was that bad. Hopefully this creates a really good habit.

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