Friday, July 29, 2011

A change of plans

When we became parents we honestly had no clue what we were doing. We were young and in love, we loved our first born. He was our easiest baby and toddler. He's definitely proven at times to be a stickler in the whole 5 year old range. However, he's definitely smart and knows what he wants.

Dane is our most difficult. Mainly we were spoiled with the first child that we yes, did expect the same thing to happen again. Who doesn't dream to have two easy going, easy teething, crawling, walking, talking, happy go lucky babies twice? Who doesn't dream to have a toddler who is content to play and not get into cabinets or play with cords? Yes, we had our moments with Gage. He did give us some run for our money but mainly, he was such a laid back child. The big D however is loud, rambunctious, into every. single. thing. possible. He has his volume set to extremely screeching loud. I know a good portion of it is vying for our attention because well, he has an older brother to compete with and a younger brother. They all get their own time and attention from us but what 2.5 year old doesn't want more? Listening, the word is next to Joke in Dane's dictionary.

Bishop, well he's still only a baby. He does what most babies do. Crawls everywhere, is standing up, pulling up on furniture and starting to brave it and standing on his own. He tests the waters. Mainly with climbing the stairs. He'll get to the 2nd stair and then look back at you and smile. That means he's going to bolt so telling him no is pointless to him.

However lately things have been.. difficult. Jason and I have actually sat down and discussed how we're lost, we're both tired of the same routine and nothing is happening or getting better. We figured it out, it's us. We need a change and we are making that change.

We have seen the show Supernanny. Yeah, I know, what parent honestly turns to a TV show? Well after trying and trying and nothing working, we have. Not really the TV show but the nanny herself. Borders is sadly closing (but it worked in my favor) and I bought a book by Jo Frost called How To Get The Best Of Your Children. 

So, I am working on reading it. We are going to be serious about this. We want to be good parents and right now we feel like we are both failing. Something has to change, we do give in more then we should and it is starting to back fire on us. If we can find a way to be consistant and set, if we can find a way to make good on our word better then we have and this book can help us? Great.

I will review it when I am done. So far I am liking it. I have had to jump around a bit to find specific things that we are dealing with. Such as bed time, but I have been reading straight through and taking notes. We will be putting rules on our fridge and both abiding by them and sticking with them. We will also be putting our family time table up, becoming talking clocks. I'll explain it when I review it :)

Lets hope it works! Its up to us, but getting ideas and steps on what to do is what we need the most.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

It all just sucks.

Not positive what has been up with me lately, kinda have fallen into a funk honestly. Life is well, life. Stressful, no real breaks from anything to make it go away but it's there. A constant reminder that things are still tough, they are not getting any better either. We try and try yet continue to fall flat on our faces. It's tiring, very tiring.

I need to get back into the habit. Maybe I'll make another goal for August. Same as I did for June. One post at least for every day of the month, I did damn good with that. I think I will. I want to be back in the habit!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Three boys, 10 months old

It recently hit me that each boy has had longer hair at this age, 10 months. I know it sounds silly but it hit me when someone made a comment about how Bishop has a lot of hair. It's true he does. He has more then either Dane or Gage had at 10 months old but I believe Dane also had more then Gage at 10 months old. So, lets compare 10 months for each boy!

Gage at 10 months

Dane at 10 months

Bishop at 10 months

All I know is I have 3 of the most handsome men on this planet!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Heat wave from hell

Ugh, I have had moments the past few days where I just wanted snow. Yes, snow. I hate snow, I hate living in this state for the fact that it does snow but when the temps are over 100*, yeah you bet your butt I want it to snow! We can't win during weather I suppose. I know we weren't the only ones dealing with ridiculous temps.

I'm not quite sure if the boys remember what the outside looks like. It has just been far too hot to even dare go outside long enough to play. I feel bad because they want to but I don't want crispy dehydrated boys. So we have stayed inside, in the air where we can watch movies, play games, color and such. Oh and drive me crazy because it wouldn't be a normal day if they didn't succeed in that.

It's bad when you start to consider mid 80's cooler temps. True, but sad. So hopefully this week when we get past the days they are calling for storms, we will be able to get back outside and play. Charge up the boys tractor and power wheel.

Tomorrow the rain is supposed to start. Jason has it off so hopefully we can have a decent family day. Not sure what you can do when you have no money but maybe we can get our butts kicked at Chutes and Ladders by the big guy.

Good night!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Little Fishy

Today was hot as hell, there is honestly just no other way to explain it. At one point it said it was 95 degrees out with the heat index at 103. Totally believable. Well, my mom has one of those set up yourself type pools and so we decided to go over for a swim.

Gage was his usual fishy type and Dane at first was very iffy. He got in and then wanted right back out. So we put Bishop in one of the baby floats and he had a ball. He loves the tub, he loves to splash and just play and thats exactly what he did. He kept soaking my mom (well as much as you can when someone is already in a pool) and kicking his little chunk legs. I got a few photos on my phone because the battery to my camera was dead and I didn't think to charge it.

So here are a few.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Whoa Baby

A lot of babies have been born lately as well as pregnancy announcements. Then on top of it there are a few who are ready to pop any minute. So it's definitely been hitting me. The fevah, the baby fevah. More cow bell please. I love my babies and I am just having a very hard time grasping at the thought that my baby baby is going to be 1.

Tonight at dinner Jason and I were talking. Bishop has become so vocal lately, as well as finding new things he can do. Such as waving, blowing his tongue, spitting. Yes he has found out how to blow spit. Oh the joy. But he's doing so much. He's so fast, he is climbing the stinking stairs! We shouldn't be at this place yet, I feel like he should still be immobile, small and squishy. He's so fun and fast. But anyways, we were talking about how I want to stop time. I'm not ready to let my baby turn one because then he'll be ONE. On top of that I also have to deal with my oldest baby starting school. Really? Two of these things in the same week? Yeah, bring on the baby fever.

Don't worry, no more babies for us for awhile. Couple of years honestly. We do want more but this isn't the time and neither of us are ready. But I'm having one of those days and today is it. Plus, I'm not ready to do the whole labor thing again but I can't wait for our 3rd home birth!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Meet Lux

Sorry for an absence but my in-laws were here from Friday till Monday and then we kinda just had a laze-about week. On Monday we went and got a new kitten from a coworker of Jason's. We have adopted 2 out of the 3 of our cats (one was given to me as a gift) so it's been a long time since we have had a kitten.

She is 9 weeks old, well I believe 10 now. She is all black and adorable. It took us forever to find a name for her. Name after name after name and we finally settled on, Lux. Luxy for the cute nickname.

Two out of our 3 cats don't mind her, one actually, Darwin, has started to play with her. He is the one we figured might be the most annoyed but since he has mellowed it doesn't seem to be a problem. Our newest (Well really with us 2 years now) Itty Bitty Kitty, she is mad. Just plain old mad and we knew it was coming. She'll come around. The oldest of the 3, fat cat aka pumpkin just doesn't care. He sniffed but then went and laid down in one of his usual fat kitty cat perches.

She has become boss of the 90lb Chocolate lab of ours named Gannon. Our Shih-tzu hasn't been so nice. He seems to be the one who wants to go after her the most. So we're keeping Grimm and Lux apart as much as possible until she gets bigger. Just to make her feel more comfortable and not fear the dogs and so Grimm learns we don't chase cats.

Other then that, shes adjusted great. Has several hiding spots. Which is pretty easy for an all black small cat. We have a hard time finding her most of the time. Like right now, she's hiding and I can't find her. I know she'll come out on her own.

But, that's lux. I will update tomorrow. I need to get back into the groove! Being off for the week has definitely thrown me for a loop.

Friday, July 8, 2011

More fluffy mail!

I got my last 8 diapers in the mail yesterday. KaWaii's. Square and round tabs. Bishop can get the velcro off now haha.

Well I'm a bad blogger

I honestly believe that nobody reads this thing but I feel the need to update everyday now. Probably because of my June goal. Anyways, the last two days have been busy around here. Lots of trying to get things in order for my in-laws visit. Also trying to catch up on the laundry from when I sorted everything and keeping up with basic needs laundry. I'm over laundry at the moment! Yet I'm still doing it. I have diapers to prep as well.

Lots to do today! Just basically the final pick ups of making sure it doesn't look like a total disaster. Or you know like the children tornados struck again. We are used to talking all over toys and random objects they have pulled out but we try our best to make sure others don't have to. My house isn't perfect but if you don't live with children anymore we try to make sure you're not tripping over the toys we usually are.

With that said, I best get to getting somethings done. Not much is left but I want to do it now before the heat hits.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Oh what a day

I'm not going to make a long post as I am tired and ready for bed. Today was a long day, first waiting for a call, call happened and then we headed to the Cherry Fest with my mom and step-dad. It was a good day all in all. Photos to come tomorrow!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Glory Glory

Happy 4th of July!

Wanted to wish you all a wonderful fourth of July. Happy Birthday America! 

Today hasn't been the same. Basically just a regular Monday for us. Jason had to work last night and again tonight so we've gone about our normal routine. The boys and I sat outside for a few watching the fireworks but started getting eaten alive by mosquitoes. So we came inside. They are now in bed and I am watching Super Troopers while waiting for Jason to call. Its just not the same without him home. This is our first year together out of our 6 years total that he wasn't home for the 4th. Tomorrow we will light some fireworks off and then Saturday we will go downtown to watch the end of the Cherry Fest fireworks with his parents. It should be fun. I think the boys will have a blast. I'm going to head off, goodnight!

Hope everyone was safe and smart but also had a great time.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Well, Hello Summer

Summer finally decided to show up. The teasing up 80 degree weather and then back to low 60's was getting quite old. I finally decided today to pack up our winter stuff (ie clothing) and just clear up some space. It took me a good hour to go through our bedroom plus the older boys. Bishop's room will be the quickest so I didn't bother with it today. I was sweating my bum off by the time I was done. It was roasting!

Now I have tons of laundry to catch up on and get it sorted and put away. My mission for tomorrow along with cleaning the kitchen. IL's visit this weekend so got lots to do! Cherry fest this week as well :)

Friday, July 1, 2011

A new look.. or not.

I meant to mess around and try to decide on a new look for my blog but I kinda fudged up and made it back to an old template. I didn't save my other one. Oh well, I guess I'll leave it like this until I can work on getting my other one back up or just stick with this until I figure out a new one.

Figures, I messed it up. I don't like it plain like this so I guess when Jason goes to work tonight I will work on it. I also have a habit of wanting to tag this challenges haha. That'll be a hard one to break!

Seems like a storm is rolling in. The wind has picked up and the clouds are rolling over. The boys are being very loud which is starting to aggravate me. After asking several times to be quiet they still have yet to listen. I just had to threaten grounding. Which Gage has learned is not fun as the word sounds.

Ugh, off to make a list of things that need to be done this coming week. Lots to do, it'll work better being able to cross them off one by one. However I need to find motivation to do any of it..