Sunday, July 17, 2011

Little Fishy

Today was hot as hell, there is honestly just no other way to explain it. At one point it said it was 95 degrees out with the heat index at 103. Totally believable. Well, my mom has one of those set up yourself type pools and so we decided to go over for a swim.

Gage was his usual fishy type and Dane at first was very iffy. He got in and then wanted right back out. So we put Bishop in one of the baby floats and he had a ball. He loves the tub, he loves to splash and just play and thats exactly what he did. He kept soaking my mom (well as much as you can when someone is already in a pool) and kicking his little chunk legs. I got a few photos on my phone because the battery to my camera was dead and I didn't think to charge it.

So here are a few.

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  1. Nothing better than Gma's pool! :) We stick Noey's hair up like that, too.