Friday, July 8, 2011

Well I'm a bad blogger

I honestly believe that nobody reads this thing but I feel the need to update everyday now. Probably because of my June goal. Anyways, the last two days have been busy around here. Lots of trying to get things in order for my in-laws visit. Also trying to catch up on the laundry from when I sorted everything and keeping up with basic needs laundry. I'm over laundry at the moment! Yet I'm still doing it. I have diapers to prep as well.

Lots to do today! Just basically the final pick ups of making sure it doesn't look like a total disaster. Or you know like the children tornados struck again. We are used to talking all over toys and random objects they have pulled out but we try our best to make sure others don't have to. My house isn't perfect but if you don't live with children anymore we try to make sure you're not tripping over the toys we usually are.

With that said, I best get to getting somethings done. Not much is left but I want to do it now before the heat hits.

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