Friday, July 29, 2011

A change of plans

When we became parents we honestly had no clue what we were doing. We were young and in love, we loved our first born. He was our easiest baby and toddler. He's definitely proven at times to be a stickler in the whole 5 year old range. However, he's definitely smart and knows what he wants.

Dane is our most difficult. Mainly we were spoiled with the first child that we yes, did expect the same thing to happen again. Who doesn't dream to have two easy going, easy teething, crawling, walking, talking, happy go lucky babies twice? Who doesn't dream to have a toddler who is content to play and not get into cabinets or play with cords? Yes, we had our moments with Gage. He did give us some run for our money but mainly, he was such a laid back child. The big D however is loud, rambunctious, into every. single. thing. possible. He has his volume set to extremely screeching loud. I know a good portion of it is vying for our attention because well, he has an older brother to compete with and a younger brother. They all get their own time and attention from us but what 2.5 year old doesn't want more? Listening, the word is next to Joke in Dane's dictionary.

Bishop, well he's still only a baby. He does what most babies do. Crawls everywhere, is standing up, pulling up on furniture and starting to brave it and standing on his own. He tests the waters. Mainly with climbing the stairs. He'll get to the 2nd stair and then look back at you and smile. That means he's going to bolt so telling him no is pointless to him.

However lately things have been.. difficult. Jason and I have actually sat down and discussed how we're lost, we're both tired of the same routine and nothing is happening or getting better. We figured it out, it's us. We need a change and we are making that change.

We have seen the show Supernanny. Yeah, I know, what parent honestly turns to a TV show? Well after trying and trying and nothing working, we have. Not really the TV show but the nanny herself. Borders is sadly closing (but it worked in my favor) and I bought a book by Jo Frost called How To Get The Best Of Your Children. 

So, I am working on reading it. We are going to be serious about this. We want to be good parents and right now we feel like we are both failing. Something has to change, we do give in more then we should and it is starting to back fire on us. If we can find a way to be consistant and set, if we can find a way to make good on our word better then we have and this book can help us? Great.

I will review it when I am done. So far I am liking it. I have had to jump around a bit to find specific things that we are dealing with. Such as bed time, but I have been reading straight through and taking notes. We will be putting rules on our fridge and both abiding by them and sticking with them. We will also be putting our family time table up, becoming talking clocks. I'll explain it when I review it :)

Lets hope it works! Its up to us, but getting ideas and steps on what to do is what we need the most.

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  1. Jo is amazing! I had to buy her book in order to deal with my second. We also had the angel first child. The second one...shiver...he has always given us a run for our money.