Monday, July 4, 2011

Glory Glory

Happy 4th of July!

Wanted to wish you all a wonderful fourth of July. Happy Birthday America! 

Today hasn't been the same. Basically just a regular Monday for us. Jason had to work last night and again tonight so we've gone about our normal routine. The boys and I sat outside for a few watching the fireworks but started getting eaten alive by mosquitoes. So we came inside. They are now in bed and I am watching Super Troopers while waiting for Jason to call. Its just not the same without him home. This is our first year together out of our 6 years total that he wasn't home for the 4th. Tomorrow we will light some fireworks off and then Saturday we will go downtown to watch the end of the Cherry Fest fireworks with his parents. It should be fun. I think the boys will have a blast. I'm going to head off, goodnight!

Hope everyone was safe and smart but also had a great time.

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