Friday, July 15, 2011

Meet Lux

Sorry for an absence but my in-laws were here from Friday till Monday and then we kinda just had a laze-about week. On Monday we went and got a new kitten from a coworker of Jason's. We have adopted 2 out of the 3 of our cats (one was given to me as a gift) so it's been a long time since we have had a kitten.

She is 9 weeks old, well I believe 10 now. She is all black and adorable. It took us forever to find a name for her. Name after name after name and we finally settled on, Lux. Luxy for the cute nickname.

Two out of our 3 cats don't mind her, one actually, Darwin, has started to play with her. He is the one we figured might be the most annoyed but since he has mellowed it doesn't seem to be a problem. Our newest (Well really with us 2 years now) Itty Bitty Kitty, she is mad. Just plain old mad and we knew it was coming. She'll come around. The oldest of the 3, fat cat aka pumpkin just doesn't care. He sniffed but then went and laid down in one of his usual fat kitty cat perches.

She has become boss of the 90lb Chocolate lab of ours named Gannon. Our Shih-tzu hasn't been so nice. He seems to be the one who wants to go after her the most. So we're keeping Grimm and Lux apart as much as possible until she gets bigger. Just to make her feel more comfortable and not fear the dogs and so Grimm learns we don't chase cats.

Other then that, shes adjusted great. Has several hiding spots. Which is pretty easy for an all black small cat. We have a hard time finding her most of the time. Like right now, she's hiding and I can't find her. I know she'll come out on her own.

But, that's lux. I will update tomorrow. I need to get back into the groove! Being off for the week has definitely thrown me for a loop.

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  1. Awww, what a sweet kitty! My mom is trying to give us a wee orange cat. :)