Friday, July 22, 2011

Heat wave from hell

Ugh, I have had moments the past few days where I just wanted snow. Yes, snow. I hate snow, I hate living in this state for the fact that it does snow but when the temps are over 100*, yeah you bet your butt I want it to snow! We can't win during weather I suppose. I know we weren't the only ones dealing with ridiculous temps.

I'm not quite sure if the boys remember what the outside looks like. It has just been far too hot to even dare go outside long enough to play. I feel bad because they want to but I don't want crispy dehydrated boys. So we have stayed inside, in the air where we can watch movies, play games, color and such. Oh and drive me crazy because it wouldn't be a normal day if they didn't succeed in that.

It's bad when you start to consider mid 80's cooler temps. True, but sad. So hopefully this week when we get past the days they are calling for storms, we will be able to get back outside and play. Charge up the boys tractor and power wheel.

Tomorrow the rain is supposed to start. Jason has it off so hopefully we can have a decent family day. Not sure what you can do when you have no money but maybe we can get our butts kicked at Chutes and Ladders by the big guy.

Good night!

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  1. I am at the point of summer I hate. I love all seasons. Fall is my favorite, but summer has its charms. It has been 114 heat index the past few days. So hot.

    I need a chutes and ladders photo.