Sunday, March 28, 2010

It's been awhile

Lots of things have been going on this past week. I'm hoping this coming week is low key, however my hopes are not very high.

Monday I took Dane's to have his legs x-rayed. While waiting to be called back I was looking over the sheet the Radiology receptionist gave me. It was easier to read then the one attached to it from my son's doctor. Well, considering it was typed and not written. Anyways - it said that there was 'Suspicion of one leg being shorter'. Why did we go get his legs x-rayed? Well, because he's had one badly bowed leg for awhile now and it was not getting better.

My other son had two bowed legs and they fixed themselves around 21 months. However, D's wasn't getting better and it was only the one leg.. so, my concern was there. It lingered as we passed 1 year and at his 12 month check up his doctor said to keep an eye on it. There wasn't a lot of concern on either of our ends then. I kept watching and the leg started to become more noticeable. It affects how he walks, how he runs and even how he stands.

So, we were told to have him get x-rays and then we would move on to the next step. A referral to an Orthopedic Surgeon. Issues with that is unfortunately we no longer have one in our hospital. So we will have to travel 2 hours to see this one. I mean, in my sons best well being I will travel as far as I have to, don't get me wrong there. I'm just glad that it isn't winter anymore and I won't have to drive in crappy snow to get there.

We're currently in the waiting game on hearing back. I tried contacting the doctors office on Friday but had no luck getting ahold of anyone.

On top of that, when we found out we were having a boy I was told I might need to have another scan. Okay, that happened with Gage. They couldn't get all the heart chambers in good images so we had to go back. He was too wiggly for them. This tech focused a lot on ds1's heart. I'm telling myself its nothing, it may have been a bit too soon to get any good measurements. That's my hope anyways. She took a small video clip of his heart to send to the Radiologist to look over.. it just makes a parent nervous. I am waiting to hear back on that as well.

At least ds1 is a good comic relief! He's discovered telling jokes. Well, a 4 year olds version of a joke. However - it helps make the hard things go away and we can just laugh. He's so bright and smart! He can count to 5 in Spanish.

I'm not ready to let him go to kindergarten. Granted, i have one year left of him at home before he can start but not ready! Nope. The thought of him being ready next fall saddens me. He's my biggest baby, hes my first born. How can i let him go to school? I can't.. I won't.. wait, yes I will but I can say that I won't haha. I know he'll have a blast.

We are trying out Pre-K again on him this year. Only 2 days a week and full days. That way it helps prepare him somewhat for kindergarten.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

We found out we're having a..


Yup, we're having yet another boy! I at first thought that if this baby was a boy and not the girl I had hoped I would be disappointed. But quite to my surprise i wasn't! I was quite excited again. I mean, I already have 2 boys so I think I know what I'm doing when it comes to them, haha. 

Monkey is refusing to except that this baby is a boy. It's quite cute actually. You can tell he had his heart set on a baby sister haha, however it doesn't seem to work in our favor like that! I'm okay with it, I thought I may possibly be disappointed but already having 2 boys but I'm even more excited. I know what I'm doing, I know what to expect. I can't wait. I hope one day to have a little girl but right now I am okay with and even more excited with having 3 sons. 

D doesn't know whats going on and honestly couldn't care less haha. One day we'll get him to understand! I am thinking of buying him a doll to help him get used to being nice to a baby. I know he'll be a great big brother even though he won't be in the full understanding. Hes such a loving little boy.

Speaking of D, tomorrow I have to go pick up lab orders from his doctor and then we head over to the place that does x-rays. He needs to have x-rays done on his legs so we can get a referral for an Orthopedic surgeon downstate. D has a very badly bowed leg, only one leg though. It has started to affect how he stands, walks and runs. So I brought it up at his 15 month check up last week and his doctor said we'd get on it. X-rays first then go to see the doctor. Its 2 hours from our house so it'll be a trip there. Thankfully my mom said she'd make the trip with me if we have enough time in between when we found out when the appt is to when it actually is. So she can put in the time off. 

Life doesn't come without little surprises. I hope for nothing serious, I hope that the most that would need to be done is bracing and he can continue to be a happy go lucky 1 year old that he already is. I would hate to not have him be able to be our trouble!

Moving is coming up quite quickly. We're looking at around April 15th to be able to start moving in. I'm quite excited! We picked up tons of paint samples today in hopes to getting colors chosen soon. 

That's about it until another blog :)

Thursday, March 11, 2010

16 weeks and toddler news

So this is what baby looks like during the 16th week of pregnancy! I've always been interested in knowing the size and look of the baby. Even though this is my 3rd pregnancy its still all sorts of fun to look at and read up.

My 2nd midwife appointment was on Tuesday and it went really well. All I know is I love my midwife! She helped deliver D and I knew that I wanted to go back to her when we got pregnant again. I didn't think it would be so soon though, haha. I did my usual; weigh in, test urine and then they took my BP. We went over my 3 day food journal we're all supposed to do between our first and second visits. I mentioned my first appointment my concerns with my weight because I do weigh more than I had wanted to when I became pregnant again. My plan was to lose weight and then we'd try for another baby. However, this baby had other plans! So, I am making big changes during my pregnancy to help myself be healthier and even lose weight. Which I can do but I have to do it in a healthy manner. So, they helped me find good foods and better ways to eat and I am going to take their suggestions and go with them. I am also cutting pop out of my diet. Slowly I am cutting it out and hopefully soon won't be drinking it anymore. Little baby's heartbeat was at 148bpm. The lowest I've had with any of my kids. So I am hoping that the old wives tale is true in this case haha. I love my boys but I need some estrogen to level it out some! I'm surrounded by testosterone, even with pets! S/he is measuring right on track and I cannot wait to get my ultrasound scheduled. I will hopefully get it all set up on Monday when we take D to his doctors appointment. I use the same doctor to set up the scan for me since my midwife doesn't set them up.

D has his 15 month check up on Monday. Hopefully he's doing well and staying on track. I will be bringing up his one bowed leg as it doesn't seem to be changing at all. Only one leg is bowed though so I am still concerned. Not in a freak out mode concern, just a concerned parent about their child's well being. Its very noticeable now and I hope it'll go away on his own and he won't need anything serious to help fix it. He is also talking all over the place now. He says 3 of our 5 pets names. Plus mama, dada/daddy, uh oh, gamma and nana. Oh he also says Bless you (repeats it when said to him) and Thank you. I love how babies talk because they're not the exact words, just their cute little variations of them.

Monkey has been sick the last two days. It doesn't seem to be anything very big bug like however he's been lethargic and just not himself. He has had an on and off temp and we gave him a cool bath. The child has been pumped liquids like its nobodies business. He's had some of an appetite but nothing very big. He's tired about 2 hours before his normal bed time. Today however he seems to be doing much better. So I hope it was just something small and has passed quickly.

Things to get done now while the littlest sleeps and the oldest watches Franklin. I don't have to clean my kitchen however, the husbandman has to do that because he lost a bet, haha!

Enjoy your day :)

Monday, March 8, 2010

I blame it on the pregnancy

Ah pregnancy, I forgot (haha no pun intended) how stupid it can make me. Friday I promised Monkey we would make cupcakes. Nothing from scratch, just a box so not so fancy but easy enough for him to be helpful and have fun. That's the point of cooking with your 4 year old right? Well, our first try didn't become the success I was hoping because well, my brain failed me haha. I don't know why but for some reason I read the instructions (which are beyond simple!) as instead of 1 1/3 cup water to do 1 1/3 cup veg oil! Yep, so, thats what I put in. That much oil! As soon as I went to read the instructions on the next measurement I realized my big 'oh crap' moment. Head meet wall, hello! I had to sadly explain to my over excited co-baker that we'd have to scratch this set of cupcakes and wait for daddy to bring us another thing of oil (Because duh, i used the last of what I had haha) and a new box of mix. Poor kid was sad.
However, daddy came through and we got our mix and oil back! So back to baking we went and he was the best big helper ever. Hey, this time I put in the right measurements of ingredients also haha. Monkey mixed it and poured everything in. The most I did was cut open the mix bag and crack open the eggs. These were his cupcakes.

After we got it all ready we put in the cups into the baking pan and then, they got the beaters. I had to document this part on camera haha. It's not often that Trouble gets a taste of sweets. Very rarely he'll get something small here and there but I remember enjoying this part with my mom and I figured hey, why not? I couldn't believe how he actually took care of eating it haha. It was a mess yes but he actually attempted to get it all in his mouth and not all over his body. Trouble loved the treat as well.  We loaded the cupcake cups and popped them into the oven. Big kid was too excited and couldn't wait for them to be done to frost them. Silly kid. He had to wait anyways!

Here are some photos of the boys enjoying the beaters and our final product!

With Love

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

It's harder than I thought it would be

I think I always knew that moving would be hard on me. I don't think I understood how it would fully affect me. Two nights ago after going to the other house to take advantage of some free time to get some finishing stuff done, it hit me. On the way home I just broke down crying. Now, you're probably looking at your screen with a "why" look on your face.. well, here's why.

My youngest, D, was born at home. This home. The home we're moving out of. I knew that the move would be hard on because this is the place that he started his life. He entered the world in our living room. I always joked and told my husband Jason, that we'd be cutting out the floor where he was born. I know it seems silly but I have a huge attachment to this house. It's like they say, Homemade and Home born. He was. I know its easy to leave a hospital with your newborn because you're excited to get home and start your new life with them.

With D, we were already at home. His life started at home. Our choice to move is a good one, it will give us more room for our growing family and it will be a house of our own. Not a house of ours that someone else owns. It's a step in Jason and I's lives we're ready to take. I just, I guess, I didn't think it would be this hard.

Today is the last day we will be with that house. March 3rd.. it's it. I know it's just a house and we'll have memories in our new house. But this holds so much more meaning to me. Its hard to think that I'm going to have to let it go. I have photos of his birth, I have the memories and the joys from his first year of life in that house. I know in time it will get better and I will move on. That house will always hold such big memories for me and us all together.

I feel silly for being sad to leave. I really do. However, I will be okay. I mean, I have the best thing that came out of that whole experience, D!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Hello, hello

You're not mistaken if you were looking for Mama Needs a Hobby, you've found me. That was previously me. I want to go back to how it was, just a regular family blog. I don't care about attempting to be a big blog anymore, I don't care about trying to make money off it. I wanted to return to how it used to be with my blog. About myself and my family. Our daily lives, triumphs and falls.

Our lives are not the most exciting but I feel some how I want to capture what I can however I can. The end of 2009 was a very hard time for us both personally and financially. Our lives were turned upside down. We had a child in the hospital 2 hours away from home my husband job had basically been taken away from him due to our child being in the hospital. Life became very rough. We finally got on the right steps before Christmas and it has gone straight ahead since then. He has a much better job that he loves even more. He is treated with much more respect as a person and employee then he was at his last job.

Our son is doing much better. The scar is fading everyday and he is back to being the energetic feisty little guy he's always been. He's our trouble! He also turned 15 months old yesterday, can't believe it!

My oldest is now 4, FOUR! Next year he'll be entering kindergarten. I am far from ready for any of this. He is my baby, my monkey man. He's not allowed to grow up this quickly. However he has decided to go against my wishes and do so. As he reminds me everyday he is a big boy now. Such an independent little guy as well.

This pregnancy, this pregnancy snuck up on us out of nowhere. We found out we were expecting our 3rd on December 20th, 2009. The timing honestly couldn't have been worse than it was. It fell in between our son being sick and my husbands job loss. I was honestly shocked and at first afraid of how we'd be able to handle it. My husband kept saying it would be okay and we would make it. Here we are now, 15 weeks along and life has gotten so much better. He was right. My shock is gone, my heart is 100% into it. I cannot wait to meet this little one. I hope its a girl but will be just as excited for another boy.

So, here is our journey from 4 peas in our pod to 5 peas and whatever life throws at us in the meantime.