Monday, March 1, 2010

Hello, hello

You're not mistaken if you were looking for Mama Needs a Hobby, you've found me. That was previously me. I want to go back to how it was, just a regular family blog. I don't care about attempting to be a big blog anymore, I don't care about trying to make money off it. I wanted to return to how it used to be with my blog. About myself and my family. Our daily lives, triumphs and falls.

Our lives are not the most exciting but I feel some how I want to capture what I can however I can. The end of 2009 was a very hard time for us both personally and financially. Our lives were turned upside down. We had a child in the hospital 2 hours away from home my husband job had basically been taken away from him due to our child being in the hospital. Life became very rough. We finally got on the right steps before Christmas and it has gone straight ahead since then. He has a much better job that he loves even more. He is treated with much more respect as a person and employee then he was at his last job.

Our son is doing much better. The scar is fading everyday and he is back to being the energetic feisty little guy he's always been. He's our trouble! He also turned 15 months old yesterday, can't believe it!

My oldest is now 4, FOUR! Next year he'll be entering kindergarten. I am far from ready for any of this. He is my baby, my monkey man. He's not allowed to grow up this quickly. However he has decided to go against my wishes and do so. As he reminds me everyday he is a big boy now. Such an independent little guy as well.

This pregnancy, this pregnancy snuck up on us out of nowhere. We found out we were expecting our 3rd on December 20th, 2009. The timing honestly couldn't have been worse than it was. It fell in between our son being sick and my husbands job loss. I was honestly shocked and at first afraid of how we'd be able to handle it. My husband kept saying it would be okay and we would make it. Here we are now, 15 weeks along and life has gotten so much better. He was right. My shock is gone, my heart is 100% into it. I cannot wait to meet this little one. I hope its a girl but will be just as excited for another boy.

So, here is our journey from 4 peas in our pod to 5 peas and whatever life throws at us in the meantime.

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