Sunday, March 21, 2010

We found out we're having a..


Yup, we're having yet another boy! I at first thought that if this baby was a boy and not the girl I had hoped I would be disappointed. But quite to my surprise i wasn't! I was quite excited again. I mean, I already have 2 boys so I think I know what I'm doing when it comes to them, haha. 

Monkey is refusing to except that this baby is a boy. It's quite cute actually. You can tell he had his heart set on a baby sister haha, however it doesn't seem to work in our favor like that! I'm okay with it, I thought I may possibly be disappointed but already having 2 boys but I'm even more excited. I know what I'm doing, I know what to expect. I can't wait. I hope one day to have a little girl but right now I am okay with and even more excited with having 3 sons. 

D doesn't know whats going on and honestly couldn't care less haha. One day we'll get him to understand! I am thinking of buying him a doll to help him get used to being nice to a baby. I know he'll be a great big brother even though he won't be in the full understanding. Hes such a loving little boy.

Speaking of D, tomorrow I have to go pick up lab orders from his doctor and then we head over to the place that does x-rays. He needs to have x-rays done on his legs so we can get a referral for an Orthopedic surgeon downstate. D has a very badly bowed leg, only one leg though. It has started to affect how he stands, walks and runs. So I brought it up at his 15 month check up last week and his doctor said we'd get on it. X-rays first then go to see the doctor. Its 2 hours from our house so it'll be a trip there. Thankfully my mom said she'd make the trip with me if we have enough time in between when we found out when the appt is to when it actually is. So she can put in the time off. 

Life doesn't come without little surprises. I hope for nothing serious, I hope that the most that would need to be done is bracing and he can continue to be a happy go lucky 1 year old that he already is. I would hate to not have him be able to be our trouble!

Moving is coming up quite quickly. We're looking at around April 15th to be able to start moving in. I'm quite excited! We picked up tons of paint samples today in hopes to getting colors chosen soon. 

That's about it until another blog :)

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