Thursday, March 11, 2010

16 weeks and toddler news

So this is what baby looks like during the 16th week of pregnancy! I've always been interested in knowing the size and look of the baby. Even though this is my 3rd pregnancy its still all sorts of fun to look at and read up.

My 2nd midwife appointment was on Tuesday and it went really well. All I know is I love my midwife! She helped deliver D and I knew that I wanted to go back to her when we got pregnant again. I didn't think it would be so soon though, haha. I did my usual; weigh in, test urine and then they took my BP. We went over my 3 day food journal we're all supposed to do between our first and second visits. I mentioned my first appointment my concerns with my weight because I do weigh more than I had wanted to when I became pregnant again. My plan was to lose weight and then we'd try for another baby. However, this baby had other plans! So, I am making big changes during my pregnancy to help myself be healthier and even lose weight. Which I can do but I have to do it in a healthy manner. So, they helped me find good foods and better ways to eat and I am going to take their suggestions and go with them. I am also cutting pop out of my diet. Slowly I am cutting it out and hopefully soon won't be drinking it anymore. Little baby's heartbeat was at 148bpm. The lowest I've had with any of my kids. So I am hoping that the old wives tale is true in this case haha. I love my boys but I need some estrogen to level it out some! I'm surrounded by testosterone, even with pets! S/he is measuring right on track and I cannot wait to get my ultrasound scheduled. I will hopefully get it all set up on Monday when we take D to his doctors appointment. I use the same doctor to set up the scan for me since my midwife doesn't set them up.

D has his 15 month check up on Monday. Hopefully he's doing well and staying on track. I will be bringing up his one bowed leg as it doesn't seem to be changing at all. Only one leg is bowed though so I am still concerned. Not in a freak out mode concern, just a concerned parent about their child's well being. Its very noticeable now and I hope it'll go away on his own and he won't need anything serious to help fix it. He is also talking all over the place now. He says 3 of our 5 pets names. Plus mama, dada/daddy, uh oh, gamma and nana. Oh he also says Bless you (repeats it when said to him) and Thank you. I love how babies talk because they're not the exact words, just their cute little variations of them.

Monkey has been sick the last two days. It doesn't seem to be anything very big bug like however he's been lethargic and just not himself. He has had an on and off temp and we gave him a cool bath. The child has been pumped liquids like its nobodies business. He's had some of an appetite but nothing very big. He's tired about 2 hours before his normal bed time. Today however he seems to be doing much better. So I hope it was just something small and has passed quickly.

Things to get done now while the littlest sleeps and the oldest watches Franklin. I don't have to clean my kitchen however, the husbandman has to do that because he lost a bet, haha!

Enjoy your day :)


  1. I can't believe your 16wks pregnant already! Time has flown, yay! Can't wait to find out what your having!

  2. I'm so excited things are going well for you - and that I can comment now! :) I can't wait to find out what you're having either!