Monday, July 26, 2010

Mama's done

I am just done. Really, done. The hormones this time around are vicious. I woke up happy go lucky and not even an hour later I'm ready for the day to be over and I do not want to talk to a single person. Yup, all that change in an hour. Great isn't? The boys are eating breakfast and I love them dearly but you really don't need to repeat what you want 5 times. I heard you the first time, I'm making it the way you requested.. give me a break before I need time out.

So dear hormones, you can screw off now. No, really, I mean it. I have no use or want for you. You do nothing but create tension and anger which really isn't needed at this point in the game. I personally do not enjoy being upset over trivial and stupid things. Really, I don't. I can figure a better way to spend my day then being annoyed because someone just walked through my living room with shoes on. Well, no, that probably would annoy me not being pregnant. Need a better example.. hm, well, I can see a better way of spending my day then being annoyed over 5 things sitting on my kitchen counter that I didn't put there. See, there's one.

I feel like I have gone pregnant lady crazy. I honestly do. I'm ready for the hormones to even out but I have probably another year of that! Soon baby will be here and then that means you have the whole post partum hormones. I hope I do not deal with PPD again.

I just don't want to feel crazy anymore! Really, is that too hard to ask for body? Is it?!

The boys deserve me sane. Not crying over silly little things or angry that something isn't right. They probably think I'm some lunatic that took over their moms body.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

A Thank You!

Yesterday started out as any typical Saturday. We got Dane down for a nap and decided that would be the perfect time to watch Shutter Island (which we both quite enjoyed.) About half-way through our mail man came. Jason went and got it and came back in with two things. 1. A magazine, which we have no idea why they're still sending it, we didn't renew haha. 2. A package. The package was for me and it caught me off guard. I wasn't expecting anything, well I was but it comes in a box and is a birth kit, haha.

He asked me who lived in KY that I knew and I explained to him who. A wonderful friend who is the awesome co-host to a board where my youngest birth group is. This past year has been hard on us, both financially, physically and mentally. Due to our finances being very very tight we haven't been able to really prepare for this baby. I hate it but it's true. We have all our big items, crib, dresser, changing table.. etc. Having 2 other boys really helps. Our biggest dilemma falls in clothing. We have a ton of winter clothing for newborns but none for a summer baby! Without any extra spending money I couldn't buy any just yet.

So yesterday, when I opened my package and saw these, my heart just filled with joy. Sarah, thank you. You truly are a wonderful person. An amazing kind hearted sweet person! You're an awesome friend to have and this surprise was such a wonderful thing!

Its nice to know that there are still caring people out there. Sarah, you are one! Thank you so much again :)

xx Marisa

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Crazy in Debt, it's Official!

Ah, this past year has been nothing but an emotional roller coaster. The whole journey began when our youngest landed in the hospital 2 hours from home because of a very big and deep abscess in his neck. Thankfully he is okay but our lives financially had been turned upside down. We have gone up and down those nasty hills and our exit to the happy-go-lucky highway seems to be coming up very quickly! How awesome is that? Lets hope the exit is sooner then later. We can see it but we don't know how far away it is.

Yesterday, Tuesday July 20th, Jason signed our closing papers to our house. It has been a long drawn out process that at one point in time we honestly thought we never would reach. We were so close to giving up and walking away. It's still stressful because well now, you look at it and think "well crap, what did I really just get myself into?!" But in the end, the outcome is much better then anything else. We have our own home. A home for our 3 boys to grow up in, a yard for them to play in. A place to call our own. Not dumping money into a place that isn't ours. No restrictions on what we can and cannot do. Its lovely and it'll take some time to just get used to it though. But its ours! Now we need a few other things to fall into place and life will finally be back to being good.

That is our house :) it does have grass now though and all the plants/bushes are much bigger. I just didn't feel like getting a new picture haha. So this is it, this is our home. The home my husbands own two hands built.

Friday, July 9, 2010

I had a post to make

and then my Mac died. Well, semi died. No clue exactly what is wrong with it or why but I can't access it. So, all the photos I was going to use for my 4th of July weekend recap are unusable. Since they're on that computer. I am now on a Dell and do not like it frankly. I'm not used to windows anymore.

Lame. I guess I'll attempt an actual update when I can. Or whenever the hell I get used to Windows again.