Monday, July 26, 2010

Mama's done

I am just done. Really, done. The hormones this time around are vicious. I woke up happy go lucky and not even an hour later I'm ready for the day to be over and I do not want to talk to a single person. Yup, all that change in an hour. Great isn't? The boys are eating breakfast and I love them dearly but you really don't need to repeat what you want 5 times. I heard you the first time, I'm making it the way you requested.. give me a break before I need time out.

So dear hormones, you can screw off now. No, really, I mean it. I have no use or want for you. You do nothing but create tension and anger which really isn't needed at this point in the game. I personally do not enjoy being upset over trivial and stupid things. Really, I don't. I can figure a better way to spend my day then being annoyed because someone just walked through my living room with shoes on. Well, no, that probably would annoy me not being pregnant. Need a better example.. hm, well, I can see a better way of spending my day then being annoyed over 5 things sitting on my kitchen counter that I didn't put there. See, there's one.

I feel like I have gone pregnant lady crazy. I honestly do. I'm ready for the hormones to even out but I have probably another year of that! Soon baby will be here and then that means you have the whole post partum hormones. I hope I do not deal with PPD again.

I just don't want to feel crazy anymore! Really, is that too hard to ask for body? Is it?!

The boys deserve me sane. Not crying over silly little things or angry that something isn't right. They probably think I'm some lunatic that took over their moms body.

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