Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Crazy in Debt, it's Official!

Ah, this past year has been nothing but an emotional roller coaster. The whole journey began when our youngest landed in the hospital 2 hours from home because of a very big and deep abscess in his neck. Thankfully he is okay but our lives financially had been turned upside down. We have gone up and down those nasty hills and our exit to the happy-go-lucky highway seems to be coming up very quickly! How awesome is that? Lets hope the exit is sooner then later. We can see it but we don't know how far away it is.

Yesterday, Tuesday July 20th, Jason signed our closing papers to our house. It has been a long drawn out process that at one point in time we honestly thought we never would reach. We were so close to giving up and walking away. It's still stressful because well now, you look at it and think "well crap, what did I really just get myself into?!" But in the end, the outcome is much better then anything else. We have our own home. A home for our 3 boys to grow up in, a yard for them to play in. A place to call our own. Not dumping money into a place that isn't ours. No restrictions on what we can and cannot do. Its lovely and it'll take some time to just get used to it though. But its ours! Now we need a few other things to fall into place and life will finally be back to being good.

That is our house :) it does have grass now though and all the plants/bushes are much bigger. I just didn't feel like getting a new picture haha. So this is it, this is our home. The home my husbands own two hands built.

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