Friday, August 13, 2010

Blame it on the pregnancy

I suck, I know. Even though I don't know why because I doubt anyone is honestly checking up every day to see if there is any sort of update on me and what not. Anyways, I'm 38 weeks pregnant now. I'll be 39 on Sunday and then due the following weekend. It seems like it's dragging forever. Forever, I say! Not a fan of this even though this isn't my first time around on the pony ride. The end is always the suckiest part. Mainly for me because you are in the waiting game. The game your uterus is playing with you. You get fake outs every once and awhile, they're that evil thing called Braxton Hicks contractions. Asshole things honestly.

The end is the worst for me right now this pregnancy mainly because life took over for the rest. Then around 35 weeks everything fell back into it's fucked up place and here I am. Left to sit and think about when this baby will come. Thats the crap part. Not knowing and not having control over it. Since I am having another (my 2nd) home birth I basically get to sit and twiddle my thumbs. Its in Bishop's court now. Figures. My kids like to come late to the party.

So, yeah, life has been interestingly boring. The bigger kids keep me occupied but when you have 5+ weeks left to dwell on a pregnancy that flew by for 34 weeks, it sucks. Every twinge, every contraction, weird feeling and all that jazz makes you go crazy. If I could I'd ask for an induction. I won't do it because I know it won't happen unless we go forever overdue. But yes I have my moments of weakness, who doesn't? Hell during labor with Dane I wanted to beg for an epidural but I knew it would have been pointless given the fact I was at home and my midwife doesn't drag around an anastesialogist or however the hell you spell it.

So really I've had no excuse for not updating with a photo or some stupid little snippit of my life. Really it's probably just pure laziness that i don't update. I should. Its a fun outlet for random crap going on in my pretty much non eventful life.

Speaking of, the youngest is getting into the fridge for the 10th time in a row. I must go stop him and hear how horrible I am because he'll cry. Damn me! Eh, another joy in the parenting world.

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