Sunday, March 28, 2010

It's been awhile

Lots of things have been going on this past week. I'm hoping this coming week is low key, however my hopes are not very high.

Monday I took Dane's to have his legs x-rayed. While waiting to be called back I was looking over the sheet the Radiology receptionist gave me. It was easier to read then the one attached to it from my son's doctor. Well, considering it was typed and not written. Anyways - it said that there was 'Suspicion of one leg being shorter'. Why did we go get his legs x-rayed? Well, because he's had one badly bowed leg for awhile now and it was not getting better.

My other son had two bowed legs and they fixed themselves around 21 months. However, D's wasn't getting better and it was only the one leg.. so, my concern was there. It lingered as we passed 1 year and at his 12 month check up his doctor said to keep an eye on it. There wasn't a lot of concern on either of our ends then. I kept watching and the leg started to become more noticeable. It affects how he walks, how he runs and even how he stands.

So, we were told to have him get x-rays and then we would move on to the next step. A referral to an Orthopedic Surgeon. Issues with that is unfortunately we no longer have one in our hospital. So we will have to travel 2 hours to see this one. I mean, in my sons best well being I will travel as far as I have to, don't get me wrong there. I'm just glad that it isn't winter anymore and I won't have to drive in crappy snow to get there.

We're currently in the waiting game on hearing back. I tried contacting the doctors office on Friday but had no luck getting ahold of anyone.

On top of that, when we found out we were having a boy I was told I might need to have another scan. Okay, that happened with Gage. They couldn't get all the heart chambers in good images so we had to go back. He was too wiggly for them. This tech focused a lot on ds1's heart. I'm telling myself its nothing, it may have been a bit too soon to get any good measurements. That's my hope anyways. She took a small video clip of his heart to send to the Radiologist to look over.. it just makes a parent nervous. I am waiting to hear back on that as well.

At least ds1 is a good comic relief! He's discovered telling jokes. Well, a 4 year olds version of a joke. However - it helps make the hard things go away and we can just laugh. He's so bright and smart! He can count to 5 in Spanish.

I'm not ready to let him go to kindergarten. Granted, i have one year left of him at home before he can start but not ready! Nope. The thought of him being ready next fall saddens me. He's my biggest baby, hes my first born. How can i let him go to school? I can't.. I won't.. wait, yes I will but I can say that I won't haha. I know he'll have a blast.

We are trying out Pre-K again on him this year. Only 2 days a week and full days. That way it helps prepare him somewhat for kindergarten.

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  1. Awww, I hope things slow down for you too! :( I hate the waiting games you have to play with the doctors/hospitals. I will be thinking good thoughts and praying for all those situations!

    A lot of people have asked me about Zeke going to school in the fall too. I can't believe it's that time already! How did they get this old?! lol