Saturday, July 16, 2011

Whoa Baby

A lot of babies have been born lately as well as pregnancy announcements. Then on top of it there are a few who are ready to pop any minute. So it's definitely been hitting me. The fevah, the baby fevah. More cow bell please. I love my babies and I am just having a very hard time grasping at the thought that my baby baby is going to be 1.

Tonight at dinner Jason and I were talking. Bishop has become so vocal lately, as well as finding new things he can do. Such as waving, blowing his tongue, spitting. Yes he has found out how to blow spit. Oh the joy. But he's doing so much. He's so fast, he is climbing the stinking stairs! We shouldn't be at this place yet, I feel like he should still be immobile, small and squishy. He's so fun and fast. But anyways, we were talking about how I want to stop time. I'm not ready to let my baby turn one because then he'll be ONE. On top of that I also have to deal with my oldest baby starting school. Really? Two of these things in the same week? Yeah, bring on the baby fever.

Don't worry, no more babies for us for awhile. Couple of years honestly. We do want more but this isn't the time and neither of us are ready. But I'm having one of those days and today is it. Plus, I'm not ready to do the whole labor thing again but I can't wait for our 3rd home birth!

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  1. I so want another baby. I told Matthew just the other day I wanted to try in 6 months. LOL

    I have my oldest turning 13 in November and my baby 1 in a few days. I am having the hardest time. I so understand.