Tuesday, August 2, 2011

No book review yet

I'm not done yet with the book. Close, but not done. Once I'm done we are going to start putting our plan into action. One thing we have done is started to change the discipline. We've read that part of the book, both of us and I have it written down as a quick go to guide as well as having it marked off in the book. I have noticed breaking my discipline habits are going to be hard but I have done good so far. That is important as well. So, it hasn't been easy but it's worked when we have been 100% successful in following her guidelines. Jason has been doing a great job as well!

So, tonight I plan on finishing the book and then we both will sit down at the dining table and make out our rules and schedule. This honestly comes at a perfect time because Gage starts school next month and I planned on starting a new schedule/routine to get us all ready for him to go. So this works out great on timing. I can work it out to fit the school routine.

That is where we are right now. I am going to try and do a detailed review of each section and such. So far I really do recommend this book if you are in a similar situation as us. Where nothing seems to be working, you are getting way too angry/frustrated and its lashing out. They laugh at you when you try to discipline. We were at the end of our rope and so far it is working. I have high hopes. We just need to do our part and stick to it, not give in.

Off to finish the book and then start our strategy!

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