Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Dear 630am

You bite. Yes, there, I said it. You bite. I understand why I have to meet you every morning, well, until tomorrow, but it still doesn't make me like you anymore.

I knew it was coming, I didn't want it to but I knew it was. I really don't like this whole getting up early. The boys thought 8 was good enough, I adjusted to that. Then they let me sleep till 930. Do you know how hard it is to adjust going from that late to 630 and now 6 as of tomorrow? Pretty darn difficult.

B keeps me company, starting tomorrow G will as well. I will see how he does and we may have to adjust bed times along with the early wake up. His current bed time is 830, an hour after D. That gives D a good amount of time to fall asleep without distraction and then the same for Gage.

Yuck. School, you stink. I can't believe though that G starts school a week from today. I think we are all set, I hope so anyways. Tomorrow is open house so we'll get more info and such.

I'm not ready for him to be starting school! I am but I'm not, if that makes sense. He is 100% ready and we have a count down for him on the chalk board.

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  1. Enjoy his first year. :)

    I have to admit that I am not worth a thing until 9 in the morning. My husband and I always joke around about how I would never make it as a "normal" school mom. Thank God for homeschooling. LOL My kids are sleepers as well.