Tuesday, August 16, 2011

It's all apart of Growing up.

G lost his first tooth yesterday! He had two loose and the bottom one is the one that bit the dust first. We thought for sure he'd lose the top left one first but nope, the bottom left came looser and last night while at my moms watching a Super Mario DVD it popped out.

I was sitting next to him in another chair and he jumped up and yelled "It fell out, it fell out!" then started his typical 5 year old happy dance. Came over to me and plopped that tooth right in my hand an went "SEEE! It fell OUT!"

I was so happy for him, mainly because I was very afraid on how he'd react. He doesn't like blood. He knocked hit much more loose the other day and freaked out. Didn't do well with it at all. I calmed him down and he then became very sensitive to the tooth, by that, I mean he was afraid to eat basically. I convinced him he'd be fine. It's all the process of losing a tooth and this being his first, his fears were very understandable. We wanted him to take it in stride and not force anything. When it falls out, it falls out basically. That's exactly what happened and he did great. Didn't even freak when he saw the blood in his spit. I'm so proud of him! Soon his other tooth will become much more loose and he'll have 2 gone. He's growing far too fast. A missing tooth, starting kinder and will soon be 6. Where did my biggest baby go?!

Oh and he was given $5 from Grandma and Papa for losing his 1st tooth (and was told that was for the first one only haha) and then the Tooth Fairy (he believes) brought him as he put it "Two whole one dollars!"

So proud of you buddy!

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