Saturday, August 20, 2011

Six years of Wedded bliss, aka, washing his underwear.

Six years ago yesterday I married my best friend. The journey there was fast and beyond that it has had it's major up and downs. I however would never change it for anything. He is my soul mate, the one, my best friend, you know, all that cheesy stuff. But he is who I am supposed to have my ups and my downs with. He is who I am supposed to have a family with. He is who I am supposed to share my feelings with.

We have been together almost seven years, now married six. Most people probably thought we'd be divorced before our first anniversary. If you were one, bite me! Marriage is hard. Very hard and if anyone tells you otherwise they're lying or in major denial. He pushes all the wrong buttons, he knows how to make my knees shake. He can place his hand on my shoulder and let me know everything will be okay.

We aren't perfect and I don't claim to be and never will. I have learned you really need to speak your feelings. Holding them in will honestly just make it so much worse. However after six years, I still do it. I just have my moments. It pisses him off but he does the same thing. We're human. We argue but we make up, move past it. If we can't have disagreements, we're living in a fantasy.

In those Six years of marriage we have had three beautiful sons. I know most people do the math from when we were married, together and had our oldest. The answer to your question is yes. However, he was not the reason for the marriage. He was an added perk. Our three boys mean so much to us. We are growing with them, learning from them and loving them.

He has taught me how to be less selfish (I would be lying if I said I wasn't selfish at all. I have my moments), he has taught me how to love and feel beautiful/acceptable. He shows me he loves me, cares about me. He works hard for us. He does his best and beyond. Without him, I wouldn't be complete. I wouldn't have my 3 beautiful boys, I wouldn't have my best friend. I wouldn't have my partner, my Jase. I am my own, but he adds so much to me. Our marriage isn't perfect but it is a very good one.

Here are to six more years and then 50 more on top of that. He stole my heart and then split it with my boys.

I love at the end of the day, my hand fits perfectly into his. <3

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  1. I LOVE to read posts like this. :) Here's to another 50. :)

    I also think my man is the best. ;)