Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Prepping for School

Its still so strange to be at this part in our lives with our oldest. It's just honestly flat out odd. I swear it was just yesterday we brought him home from the hospital. Sat him on our bed and thought "what now?" Now, he's 5, going on 6 and is just so energetic, smart, brave and handsome. When did my teeny 7lbs 5oz baby become this tall, young, handsome little boy? Who's starting freaking Kindergarten!

I feel totally clueless in this department. I really don't know who to turn to for support. I have friends on forums who have had kids go through kinder and such but nobody local. My mom is here but her youngest is well, me, so it's obviously been years since she has had a baby in Kindergarten.

I'm not ready. I know I have to suck it up and put on a happy face but I'm not ready! Let me stomp my foot for a moment if you don't mind. Why now? Why have the past 5 1/2 years flown by so quickly that he's going to school? I know it'll do wonders for him. He's so social and friendly, he is excited to learn. School will be a good thing for him. But is it selfish of me that I don't want to let go of him? I want to keep him home with me.

I could home school but in all honesty as much as I would love to, I know he wouldn't do well with it. I wouldn't do well with it. I think he'll learn better when it isn't me trying to teach him. I have done well so far. He can say and write out his ABC's, he can spell his own name, he can recite our home address and my cell number. He's a smart cookie and absorbs knowledge like it's nothing, but, having him gone for so long? I'm not sure how I'll adjust. I will, I know I will.

I don't worry about him. I know him and he is going to do wonderful. He will make tons of friends and do so well. I do hope that he listens, he can be a little problematic in that department. With routine and some stern voices, I know he'll be fine. He just gets so excited and wants to do so many things, that's where it falters. I know he'll do fine. He's always been the one who I knew would be just fine without me when it came to school.

He's ready and so excited, I just need to find how to get to that same place.

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  1. I will say, if I can homeschool, anyone can homeschool. I have two very different boys when you look at both Eli and Remy. Each has reaped different benefits from homeschooling. I won't go into that unless you plain out ask me. Just saying, you might be surprised.

    That said, my sisters little one started school at the same elementary I went to. How she is that big, I have no clue.

    I can't believe my baby is going to be 13 this year. CRAZY! Hold just gets better and sadder from here. LOL

    I think he is going to have a great year. But know I know your heart on this one. I truly stomp away.