Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Great Birthday Debate

What do you get an almost 1 year old who has a crap load of toys from his brothers? No, honestly, what do you get? We have no idea. I had one but J thought it would be better for Christmas and I agreed. So we're back to square one. We made him a knot tie blanket, Owls. I'm in love with it and I hope he loves it as much as his brothers love theirs.

But as far as a gift, what do we get him? We don't need to get him anything big or fancy. Just something for him. He's sharing everything (even when we ask them to leave his toys alone) and we would like just one thing for him to play with. We know that'll be hard given brothers who think they can have everything but not share, but we want to try.

I'm at a total loss! I'm in denial that he's already turning one, then on top of my denial I have to face it with this whole gift thing.

My baby is NOT turning one and will NOT need a gift. I guess that'll solve the problem haha.

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  1. It was a hard bday for me, too. I wanted a baby for so long. It has gone so fast.

    We gave Noah a little phone, I can link if you like, and a baby dolly that was very boyish. He is in love with that baby. He feeds it a bottle and everything. We also gave him things he needed, jammies, snacks. LOL