Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Swelling and ring cutting

My finger swelled badly today and this was the look of it around my wedding and engagement rings. It became so bad that I actually had to cut them off :( which yes, does make me sad. I feel so naked without them.

They are currently sitting in a safe place in hopes that I can save them. I can probably have my engagement ring saved but not my wedding ring. That one had to really be cut. It sucks but I would hate to see what would have happened had I left them on. Its definitely bruised, red and still swollen. Icing it hasn't taken it down at all. I hate you weather. Hate you.

We talked about possibly getting tattooed bands. I want roman numerals of our wedding date. Keep your opinions to yourself about this one please. I do plan on replacing both rings when possible as well. I hate not having them on me but nothing I can do about it right now.

This is the before photo and here are the afters. I'm about to go head to bed and wait for Jason to call from break . Tomorrow I am selling my lens! Yes, thank you thank you thank you. Much needed. I can buy the diapers we need to replace (I didn't think about this very well when we bought these diapers in the first place almost 3 years ago). Chunks McGee is definitely growing. OS dipes it is for us.

Goodnight! I leave you with the angry finger.

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  1. ouch!!! I'm glad that your finger is ok. and yes the rings are all replaceable but your finger is not :) Congrats on being able to sell your lens!