Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Oh how I heart cloth diapering!

We started cloth diapering when we were preparing to have Dane. I set up a decent sized stash and then for some reason after a couple of months we just kinda quit. I don't honestly know why. Anyways, we were fine financially and it just didn't bother us. Then, things took a turn for the worse. Dane became sick and we spent a week 2 1/2 hours away from home in a hospital. He had a deep abscess on his neck. During this time things went south at my husbands employer but I honestly am not going to get into that. We did nothing wrong, he did nothing wrong. We had a sick child and were far away from home. Not to get upset about it, it put us in a very difficult spot and since then we have not been the same. Oh this was back in Dec of 09. We have struggled since then but have learned a lot about ourselves.

Then we found out we were pregnant with Bishop. This honestly came at such a hard time. I couldn't have wanted him more though. Despite what we were going through, this baby to us was meant to be and here he is. This proposed a very difficult situation to us. My husband was working but it wasn't guaranteed. By the time Bishop was born, things were fizzling out, the guy who I have a tendency to call the douche really started to flake. We didn't want to be associated with him, we wanted to separate ourselves from him and just move on. My husband got a new job, he loves his job and while we are still struggling to pick up the pieces that fell off the truck this past year and a half, we're doing it.

Then in January we decided to go back to cloth diapering. We have two kids in diapers and the cost was becoming insane to buy different sizes pretty much every single week. I brought it back up and he wasn't sold at first but said fine. So I ordered a bunch of new ones and we were set. We had the ones from Dane but quickly realized I didn't have many size assortments. Our whole stash now minus like 8 diapers (that I just replaced) are OS, one size. They will fit both boys. That is what I need! As addicting as cloth diapering is, I can't go all crazy on spending like I would love to. We're doing it to save money, be practical.

Soo this brings me to my reason of posting this! Today I got my 1st two new diapers :D Yes, the giddy in me is coming out. I am expecting 10 total, 8 from another shipment but that won't arrive till next week. I heart heart heart fluffy mail. My husband thinks I'm crazy but what does he know? I am trying GoGreen Pocket Diapers for the first time. I ordered the Fuzzy Green Stars and Moo Champ. I admit, I just wanted a cow print diaper haha. I love prints but because of cost most of the time, I don't buy them. Solids are what fill 99% of our stash. Seriously.

The next batch that I am waiting for and what most of our stash is consisted of are KaWaii pocket diapers. I really enjoy pockets mainly because I can control the absorbency and they simple enough for my husband, mom or anyone else can use on the boys.

So yay, I can't wait for the rest. Then we are set. For awhile anyways ;)

Moo Champ & Fuzzy Green Stars

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