Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Chubbo Bubbo

Today was Bishop's 9 month well baby check up. I took a poll on my facebook to see what people thought he weighed just based off my profile photo. Two people guessed correct. Bishop is 21lbs, he is in the 50th percentile for his weight and he is 28" long and in the 50th for that as well. His curve ball just blew up recently. Thank goodness! She is very happy with his progress and how great he's doing. She said everything sounded great and is happy with his progress on milestones and weight.

Dane has been super clingy today. Very mama oriented. Which is great but definitely odd. He's not normally like that. I will take the snuggles that I can get so I won't complain. He wasn't acting any different feeling wise just has been attached to my hip pretty much. We watched Booty and the Beast or since he just directly asks for Beast most of the time. Followed by Pinocchio. Dane went down for a nap and Gage wanted to watch Pinocchio again so we did. I don't get my kids and their wanting to watch several movies at least twice a day haha.

Weather was beautiful! Love this weather and temp. Loving being able to have my windows open and have a decent cool breeze go through. Heart it.

Well, going to go cuddle up with the injured husband. Goodnight!

Photo blog is updated as well.

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