Thursday, June 9, 2011

Well looky, its a computer!

Finally, I am on a computer. Although it's not mine it's still a computer haha. I am still going to have to keep this short as I am trying to finish up doing some things on craigslist for my mom and myself.

This whole computer situation has been seriously annoying and stressful. I didn't really think it would be such a pain as it has been. We are still trying to fix up our old desk top, we need a new ram in order to run vista. That has become a pain in attempting to get the right one. I'm still selling my sigma lens in hopes of buying a new tower. We have everything else for a computer, the tower right now is all we need.

Gages two kinder days went great. He loved it and can't wait to officially start in fall. He worked on the letter A the first day and the letter B the second day. He made a new friend named Mitchell and loved to ride the bus. I didn't get great photos but will do so when he starts in September. I still can't believe we're at this stage! A grade schooler, crazy.

But sorry to cut this short, day nine is completed. So glad I am keeping up on this! I want to thank Sarah for the inspiration :) even if its just dribble or randomness it's still something.

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  1. Awww, he can't wait to go! :)

    Before you know it he will be in 7th grade. *sigh* Why must it go so fast?