Saturday, June 25, 2011

They're amazing little people

Today as I was switching out laundry I had Dane in there with me. He's become my little "mama I wanna help!" guy. As he was helping me sort and put towels into the washer after we pulled out the diapers he was talking to me. I mean, not toddler jibberish but actual talking. He has this sweet little voice and  once I stopped paying attention to the laundry and listened to him he was actually carrying on a conversation. He was telling me about his toy car that he had with him. The wheels and the color. How it goes fast. It then dawned on me how well his sentences were and how fast his vocabulary just seemed to sneak up on me. I listened to him and agreed his car could go fast and fast as well as it had lots of wheels. He then wanted to see the washer fill up and as he said "mama, i see, i see!" 

I have always known his vocab jumped big time once we finally broke him of his bink. But I guess I never realized how big it had grown. Looking back I tried to remember how Gage's vocab was at 2 and a half. Now, I know not all children are the same and boy do my kids live to that standard. They are definitely their own people but I was looking for the common in all children of the age group, the basic level. I have a video of Gage around the same age and he was chatting to himself. Looking at it I can't remember him having this big of sentence structure or maybe it's just the video. Gage spoke wonderfully at this age. Maybe it's because I was just taken back on how well Dane has grown in less then a year? Or how he's just really catching on to things around him.

I cut his hair today and realized as well he often refers to himself in the 3rd person. I find it quite adorable. Don't take any of this as I don't pay attention to what my  kids say, I do. It just seemed to be one of those days where I went back and said "Whoa! There is a lot more then I initially thought!" Children are amazing creatures like that. Anyways, back to the hair cut story. As I was prepping his hair, getting it combed so we didn't have snags he kept insisting he sit. Or as he said "Mama, Dane sit. No standing, it hurts." I convinced him to stand though as it made it much easier to get his hair cut properly. Sneaky mama I am. He just wanted to sit and be tricky. He comes by it honestly haha. As I was cutting the hair off he became very concerned. He saw the hair fall and repeated "Dane's hair! Look mama, Dane's hair!" and I thought the cutest one was when it landed on his tush and he told me. "Hair is on Dane's butt mama! Get it off!"  He then went into his silly racing mode where he goes from the entry way to the kitchen, back and forth, back and forth.

He's growing up. We are nearing 3. I was looking at him and remembering when he was Bishop's age. How did we get to almost 3 already?! Then on top of that, I was having more thoughts about how I am going to have a Kindergartner this fall. Time seriously does fly by. Gage was Dane's age when I was pregnant with Dane. How can he already be 5 and going to school this fall? How can we be there already? How can Bishop already be testing the boundaries of standing and trying to crawl by using all four's instead of using his hands and knees. How are they growing up so fast? I don't know but they're doing it. They're amazing little people. They bring the biggest smiles to my face every day, even when they're such goobers. Believe me, they can be big goobers. They are my goobers though. They are my bug loving, booger eating, fart joking, sweet, snuggling baby boys. All 3 of them. They'll forever be my baby boys.

I'll love you forever,
I'll like you for always,
As long as I'm living
my baby you'll be.

Robert Munsch's "Love you Forever" our favorite book.

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