Saturday, June 18, 2011

Please, go to sleep!

Tonight was one of those nights. The littlest has already been having sleeping issues with his teeth bothering him. But the older two for some reason decided for tonight to be a super late night. Maybe because they were in trouble and went to bed a bit earlier then usual. Not much but still. 11pm rolled around, mind you they normally would have been asleep for 3 and 2 1/2 hours by then but nope. Gage comes out, proclaiming a bad dream. Don't think I'm a bad mom for not believing this. This has become a nightly thing for the past couple of months. Every night there is a bad dream. I don't discount it every time but times like tonight, I do. It was quite obvious he hadn't been to sleep. The laughing really gave it away. It was his attempt to get out of going to bed or to either to sleep in our bedroom. Neither was going to happen. He finally settled and went to bed. Dane was up as well so I am hoping to get to sleep in some tomorrow. I am not crossing any fingers though.

So, since I hear nothing at the moment. It is 11:28pm, I am going to head to bed. I try to be in bed before midnight and so far, I'm on track. A little late but still on track. Goodnight if you're reading.

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