Tuesday, June 7, 2011

This is getting old

Not having a computer is getting real old, in a way its nice but in reality its been difficult. Once you don't have one you realize how dependent you are on one, how much you actually do on one. Then BAM its gone and you're like "well, crap."

Today was a big day. Gage went to school. It's only for two days but incoming kindergarten kids go and get familiar with the teachers, school and each other. They read books, sung songs, had a snack, recess, and worked on the letter A. He got in the bus like he had been doing it for years. Tomorrow is the last day and then summer. Not quite sure what day it starts but here we start after labor day.

So here is day 7, hoping tomorrow I get to post from an actual computer! Maybe even get to actually post the photos I have taken. Goodnight.


  1. So great that you are sticking with it! :) I hope that when it is actually time, Gage will do great starting school!

  2. That is nice that they help the children get used to it at his school. :) Shows they care about those little hearts. :)