Wednesday, February 16, 2011


One thing I hate is laundry. I have never been a fan of this. Okay, no I should say I am not a fan of the whole folding and putting away. Too bothersome in my opinion, washing, drying - fine by me. Folding and putting away? Can go do it itself. However when you have a family of 5, you accumulate a lot of laundry. It's quite sickening honestly. Season by season a new set of sick rolls its way into my hampers and call out to be washed. I tell it to screw off but they don't listen. They gather their laundry army and double by the next day. I can't win.

Or so I thought! I won the Great Laundry Battle as I have sadly dubbed it. 3 kids, there is a lot to clean, 1 husband who has more clothes then me, there is a lot to clean. My slacking honestly wasn't good. I probably did 15 good loads in the last week in a half to catch up. We have already had 1 major folding session and tonight will be our next and last. It's that crazy! But, since i have finally caught up I am going to do my best to stay on top of it. I can't say we'll get behind a bit or not but i'll do my best to avoid what i just did. On top of all that, every 3-4 days I am washing diapers.

So you probably find this boring (if you're actually reading this at all..) but i'm proud of me! To finally be caught up and done with the whole big she-bang. It's a nice accomplishment. So HA, laundry I beat YOU. Take that :p

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  1. I feel the same way about sweeping and vacuuming--actually cleaning in general. It's really all just a never-ending dance, isn't it?

    We gave our 16-year-old his own laundry basket and told him to start washing his own stuff. Should I be suspicious that I haven't seen anything of his pass through the laundry room in over a week?