Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A walking One year old and a Kindergartner

It's so weird right now, so weird. I currently have only two children at home! Two. I'm used to three and right about now I would have two screaming boys at each other's throats and the whole me having to mediate. But not this morning, this morning I woke up at 6 and got my Kindergartner up at 630. Yes, my Kindergartner! He ate breakfast and got dressed, then off to the bus stop we went. It's located at the entrance of our neighborhood and we live in the back, so we drive down. He waited at the bus stop with his new friend and got on the bus without ever looking back. I'm so proud of him, he will do great, I know it. I however am nervous. Mainly because I can't wait to hug him and see how his first day went. Tomorrow we'll repeat the process. 

Then in this whole same week, B turned one and wasn't walking. Then yesterday he decided to start out of the blue! It totally came out of nowhere, not coaxed either. We (me, J, my mom and step-dad) were just hanging out and B stood up, then stood for a minute and took off. Nobody trying to get him to walk to them or anything. All on his own! Then he proceeded to make his walking farther and farther the rest of the day. I can't believe it! We joked he wouldn't walk forever because he was so hesitant. He just needed to get that last nerve and he did :) My baby is walking and my other baby is in school!

D is adjusting so far. He went pee on the potty already, unprompted! I hope with G in school that potty training will become easy and not a hassle. I think be being able to have more focus on just D will bring ease to him. Lets hope for an easy process because I honestly think he's getting even more ready by the day. 

A video of B walking yesterday:

G all set for school with his Mario back pack
and Sonic t-shirt. Oh and a crazy baby brother behind him.

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  1. I love that you sent him off to school in a sonic shirt and mario backpack. He would love my boys. HA HA! So glad he got on and never looked back. How was his day? What did he say?

    My Bishop baby is walking!!!!!