Saturday, September 3, 2011

A little break, please?

So today B and I spent a good portion in Urgent Care. Why? Because my sweet little baby has an infection in his finger. Yup, his finger. See I went through an infection with D at the same age, granted two totally different types but still an infection around their 1st birthday. I don't like this.

It looks like it was caused by a small cut or crack in his skin. He doesn't walk yet so he still crawls. We have 2 brothers, 4 cats and 2 dogs. Gunk gets around no matter how much I try and sweep the floors. So, it became infected. He is now on an antibacterial and hopefully it will help. We have to attempt to keep it dry and clean as well as bandaged. So far I have replaced the band-aid like 5 times. Once before we even left urgent care! A 1 year old isn't going to keep it on if he doesn't want it on.

So he is okay, it never once bothered him. He woke up from his nap and I noticed his finger was red. I didn't think anything of it, I figured he's teething he was probably sucking or chewing on it. Then I noticed it was a bit bigger then it should have been. So I called J over to look at it and he said it looked really infected and that there was a puss pocket. Great. So, I packed him up and off to urgent care we went. I don't take lightly to infections. If you know the ordeal with D, then you understand. So yes, even a little finger infection is very very serious to me. Ever since dealing with D's abscess, I have been a wreck when it comes to them. I don't take any sickness lightly. I mean, I am not over zealous or crazy, but I watch it and if it seems to be serious or need attention, I take them to the Dr. But my children have that sense of day because they never do these things on a week day, when their Dr office is open. So I tend to go to Urgent care. Or sometimes the ER.

However, he's okay. He'll be fine and hopefully it goes down. I will be making his 1 year appointment and will have her check it out then.

Going to see if I can't get my sweet baby to bed because this mama is tired!

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  1. Oh, sweet darling Bishop! :(

    And, yes, why is it that they always pick a weekend for the doctor?