Friday, September 30, 2011

The land of Sickies

Remember how I posted about G bringing home that wonderful head cold the first week of school? Well, the damn thing is still hanging out at our house, however it's causing more problems then we need or that I even want.

The annoying part left, we were all no longer feeling the pressure inside our heads push out and that fun stuff. But then I realized runny noses and the coughing was lingering. I figured hey, it's starting to get cold out and such, its just hanging on. However a few days passed, still there. Then a week, still there. Two then finally we were in our 3rd week and I had enough. I took G to his Dr on Wednesday to deal with it. He had it the longest and it was starting to stop him from sleeping. The constant coughing fits were becoming too much for him to take. Nothing we were trying was working.

So, he prescribed him Amoxicillian. He has an ear infection in one ear on top of it all. He's been on it a bit longer than anyone else.

So, then today I had enough with B's constant fits. Poor guy had absolutely no sleep last night. How can I let my 12mo baby just go through this? I couldn't anymore. I tried everything, nothing was working. He was getting worse. I can't deal with that, I can't see him like this. So I called their Doctor and totally spaced on her telling me last week that she would be gone Wed and Fri (office closed always on Thur) so I had to either take him to Urgent Care or the local Walk-In Clinic. I opted for the walk in. I took D as well because he of course was suffering just as much.

D is pretty much going through the same thing as G is, so that was the same prescription.

B however has double ear infections and then a stinking sinus infection with fatigue. No wonder he's miserable! I knew the fatigue because he just can't sleep. The coughing, it's so constant. J was up last night with him till I got up for the day to get G ready for school. I'm glad to have answers, I'm glad to have the ball rolling to get them all healthy again. B can't have amox like the other two so he was given a different kind. But they've all been started so hopefully we'll see progress very soon! B really needs the sleep and we are to the point wherever he falls asleep is where we leave him till he wakes. Unless it's at night, then he's in his bed.

So that is what is going on here. The land is Sickies. So pitiful, so miserable.

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