Friday, September 2, 2011

Open House

Wednesday was our first open house for school. Neither of us knew what to expect but honestly, it wasn't bad at all. D had been at Grandmas for a few hours already (he suckered her into staying when we picked something up from her house before errands) so all we had to do was drop B off at her house. Did our errands first, which involved the store. Had to go home and drop the cold stuff off and I hopped into the shower. Then it was off to my moms to drop off B and we were off from there.

It started at 630 and we live about 10 miles give or take from the school itself. We arrived and headed in, saw on the entry door about the local district's recreational soccer league. Both J and I got an excited look on our faces and headed into the cafeteria/gym. They handed out a bunch of free book so we came home with a boat load it seems. Then we grabbed the registration form for the soccer. I'm not sure who's more excited, G or myself.

After we left the cafeteria, we headed to his classroom and met his teacher. Gathered all the information that she had laid out, filled out a few things that were needed. He started acting distant and with drawn, I asked him what was wrong and he just told me he was hungry. I then knew instantly what was up. He was nervous. I gave him a hug and said everything was going to be okay. That it's perfectly fine and normal to be nervous. But we know he'll do great, its his personality. He's such an outgoing and friendly boy. I don't worry about how he'll handle being at school. But I will comfort him with his nerves.

So only FOUR days to go! I can't believe we're so close already. Open house was good, got all our info, signed him up for soccer and we're ready to start this next chapter in our lives.

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  1. What an attentive mama you are, friend. :) Soccer is the best! I can't wait to see him in his uniform.