Friday, April 22, 2011

I need an official hobby

I am tired of having many things I like but nothing as an official hobby. So I've decided to learn how to crochet again. Jason taught me years ago but I never really stuck with it. Kids got in the way at the time and I just lost track. But I really want to do more with it. Since we cloth diapers I want to make pants for the boys and such, hell even if we didn't I'd still want to! I just want to have something to show for something I have been interested in. So I've been reading up tonight, relearning. Having some nice time tonight by myself. Slightly bored but I get fidgety at night by myself, mainly because my mind can race and it sucks. He's at work so that makes it harder.

I love sewing but since we moved in I haven't had a set place to be able to set everything up. We finally do even though it's not an ideal area it'll definitely do. I can set both my sewing machine and serger up and still have the space to cut fabric. I will be making my own cloth wipes and then possibly figuring out how to make my own wetbag. I just want to price out the cost of PUL. I have been itching to become more self efficient for us in certain areas and I've decided to say eff it, here I go. So here I go!

I just feel like I need to do this, I want to most definitely but I need to. Odd, I know. However let's hope I can come out with some good crocheted items haha.

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  1. I would love to learn how to crochet as well! My sister is really good at it so maybe she can teach me. It seems like it would be something nice and relaxing to do at night time while watching tv. I also have a sewing machine that I've never used. I would love to start making some things!!

    Good luck with your new hobby!!