Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Whoa, Glucose!

This is what Bishop looks like at 32 weeks :). I'm actually 32 weeks and 3 days now. I had my appointment today with my midwife to see how all is going. It was a fairly good appointment. After getting good news today, to go onto hearing Bishop's heartbeat was just the icing to the cake. However nothing in my life can go simple, can it? Haha - nope!

Ah so, I didn't have to use the restroom when we got there so we decided go ahead with our appointment as usual. I brought up my concerns to her about my period cramping and stabbing pain on my left side, right where my c-section scar is. That scared me the most, I was afraid something was going wrong. Thankfully she believes it has to do with his positioning and how the cramping is contributing to that. She stressed water (which i chug) and resting as well as trying to put heat on the area. So either a nice hot bath to soak in the heat or a hot towel with castor oil rubbed on the cramping area. So she had some left over castor oil, when it starts to happen again, i'll try that then a bath.

My BP was good, 128/78, lost a pound or two. I can't remember the exact weight of last appointment. Then, then, I did my urine check. My protein tested negative but holy mother of glucose, that tested between 250-500! I couldn't believe it! So, now we're doing urine checks till saturday twice daily. I also have to check my blood sugar at home and see how that goes. So it'll be interesting. I surely hope it was a fluke! I couldn't believe how fast that turned from yellow to a deep green, just shocked.

So here we stand. I'll do my testing and call her on Saturday like she wants me too. Hopefully everything remains normal and doesn't skyrocket back up. I just want it to be a fluke.

Did you know Bishop weighs as much as a jicama? I have no clue what a jicama is but supposedly that is what he weighs as much aha. I can't wait to meet him. I can't wait to have him at home and to add to our family of boys. I'm very excited. He is a blessing to our lives, just like my other boys. I feel he was given to us during a time we needed him. Gage also cannot wait to have a baby in the house again. He can't wait to help change Bishop's diapers haha. Child has no clue what he just offered himself up for!

xx Marisa

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  1. For some reason Blogger hasn't been updating me when you post! Grrr! Anyway, I'm glad your visit went *mostly* well! I hope everything turns out okay!