Sunday, January 23, 2011

Back to cloth!

We did cloth diapers with our 2 year old Dane and i love it. I honestly am not quite sure why we just stopped but we did and well, they sat there and then were packed away when we moved 3 times. We've found some but not all of them and for the life us cannot figure out where they are. Hopefully we'll come across them.

I will be diapering both boys (Dane & Bishop) in cloth. I can't wait, I love fluff butt. I still have some bumGeniuses, fuzzibunz and a 2-3 that i got from friends. Not enough to diaper both boys. So I ordered a bunch of KaWaii diapers. I went in search of nothing but one size diapers so I can use it on both boys. I went on a big search for one that I can use with both boys, that had good reviews and it fell in a good price range for what I could spend right now.  On top of all that, I needed something that my husband would dare touch. Pre-folds? Ha, he'd look at me as if I had 3 heads.

We did the math last night that it will save us money but about a year to get there. Which is fine, but the point is we're going to end up saving money in the end. We plan on having 1 - 2 more babies (in a few years) so it'll work out with them. On top of that Dane has about this whole year before we expect him to be potty trained. We have a good 2+ years of Bishop being in diapers unless he surprises us and trains early. I doubt it, my kids seem to be stubborn in the potty training department.

So during a time we could, we decided to go back into it. This was a very short window of opportunity and I took it. Now, we'll be set and won't have to deal with the "oh crap, we're down to 1 last one!" anymore.

I'm excited, I missed it. It'll be a good thing for us as well. Let people think we're crazy even more, again. Haha. I mean we already breastfeed, co-sleep, baby wear and now cloth diaper again. I must be crazy, right?

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