Wednesday, January 26, 2011

One day you'll be begging me to let you nap

I don't know why I used to think naps were evil as a child because now, I want to make up all those times I refused them. I keep telling Gage that one day he'll want to do nothing but sleep (ahh teenage years..) and I'll be waking him up making him go do things. He should rethink his stance on naps now haha.

The past 2-3 weeks with Bishop have been pretty tough sleep wise. We can see a small clear spot on his bottom gums so it definitely seems to be teething. I hate teething. I want Gage type teething where it didn't bother him, he got 4 at a time and that was that haha. Bishop would be up several times a night, screaming at us basically. He is 50/50 on where he sleeps. Co-sleeping and crib, he thankfully unlike Dane is easier on where he'll go to bed. Jason and I would take turns and find out we're not exactly nice people to each other at 430am when we're both tired and half asleep.

But it figures that when he finally has a good night of sleep, only waking up twice I sleep like complete crap. A kink/pinch in my neck stopped me from getting any real decent sleep. That really bites. So between my tossing and turning then the two times Bishop woke up, I'm pooped.

One day the boys will look back on this and go "why didn't I sleep?!" I know I ask myself that question now. Oh how i wish I could go back to those days and nap for hours on end without being interrupted.

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