Monday, March 14, 2011

Six months old

Six months old, or really six and a half months old now. I can't believe it. It doesn't feel like time has gone by as quick as it has. He's six months old! So close to seven, then it'll follow eight, nine then we're at one. I love watching him grow, how he adores his two older brothers. His watching their every move, laughing at them, he's such a happy baby.

Mastering sitting up finally, however still hates to be on his tummy. He'll roll over and this might be a good thing in my favor. It'll prolong crawling haha. I know in time it's getting closer and I want to keep him at a slow pace. The other two were crawling too soon for my liking followed by quickly walking. Take your time baby boy!

His smiles, laughs, snuggles are so worth everything. Jason and I constantly tell him that he is the best surprise we've ever had. He was a total and complete surprise and here we are totally in love with him. His brothers adore him and it's so cute watching Dane try to soothe him when baby cries or Gage make him laugh uncontrollably. They're so good with him, so sweet to him.  He's our Bishop and we all love him. Happy 6 and a half months baby boy!

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