Thursday, May 27, 2010

Wait, who are you again?

What happens when Summer hits? Most good shows come to an end. We have a few shows we DVR and watch and now they're all done. So what are we forced to do? Converse with each other. He's okay company most of the time, when he's not acting like a fool, trying to embarrass me or sleeping. Having a conversation can be fun at time. 

Ah, I'm only kidding. It was nice not having the T.V on and just hanging out. We sat outside after we put the boys to bed, watered the lawn and just talked. We talk, but it normally comes down to;

Him: "Little man smells rank."
Me: "Nice, I got the last one. This one's yours."
Him: "No, yours."
Me: "Um, no, like I said I got the last one."
Him: "So? You're closer!"

Then it becomes a fun little game who can get Dane to the other. Don't worry, we don't always treat our kid like this, promise! Sometimes you just don't want to do the dirty work. I normally win the fight and he'll change the as he calls it 'rank' diaper. 

Last night was nice. Sitting on the porch, talking. There was a woodpecker going at it in the woods across from our house. It became slightly annoying after awhile. We just talked about life, things going on with us and joked around. I love days like that. Where modern conveniences are left inside and all thats there is you, him and the wind.

Jason went to go move the sprinkler and I went to see what the sunset looked like. It was absolutely beautiful! One thing I love about where we live is the open field to the beautiful sky view. So of course I went in and grabbed my camera. The sky was a deep beautiful red with just a slight tint of pink. 

It was a nice night just the two of us. We sat outside for awhile after then sun had set and then eventually being bugged by the mosquitos went in. I love nights like that. Just the two of us, relaxing, talking and enjoying the peace and quiet.

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