Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Being 'that mom'

Recently I've been thinking about it and really started to wonder. Am I really, 'that mom'? You know, the mom who really only talks about her kids. All day, every day. With maybe the occasional "My husband did this/that" thrown into the mix.

So here is my formal apology. I am sorry if I talk about my child's random pooping habits because lets face it, with an infant when they can't go their miserable. Which in turn makes me miserable, then that makes everyone else miserable. It's a snowball effect. Once I'm unhappy, everything else is down hill from there. But hey, who likes to see their 2 month old in pain? I know i don't. So yeah, if he poops 3 times in one day which is very unusual for him, I will shout with glee from the rooftops. I'm that mom.

I'm sorry if I talk about my oldests quirky, amusing and hilarious chats I have with him. Or how he tells me that boys can't nurse babies but he wishes he could. He's at that age where pretty much everything that comes out of his mouth is should be documented. For either future laughs with him and going "yes, you really said that!" or the embarrassing stories for future dates. Who doesn't want those? After three kids, my memory is shot so I have to write it down somewhere. So if you're connected to one of those somewheres, I apologize.

I'm sorry if I talk about how my almost 2 year old has the strangest habits, words, moves and movements. I'm sorry if I talk about how he's sitting here on my lap right now burping and finding it hilarious while I am not laughing. Yes, he's a boy. It shows. He's also his fathers son, again, it shows.

Im sorry if talking about these things seem constant, all the time, never ending but honestly, they're my kids. My life, my world. So yes, I may talk about how my oldest is upset he doesn't have the way to nurse the baby like mama does, or how my middlest (yes we call him that) is a goofball all the way around or how my youngest just took 3 poops in one day and we were thrilled. I'm sorry if it bothers you, but i'm not sorry for saying it. They're my babies and a big part of me.

I guess being 'that mom' has its ups and downs but I wouldn't trade it for the world.


  1. Amelia LOVES to make herself burp, then cracks up about it, then burps some more and laughs some more. Not just a boy thing! Must be a 2 y/o thing;)

  2. I personally think it takes guts to be "that Mom" because I know not everyone understands the stress, frustration or joy that comes with it. You have to let it out somewhere or you'll go crazy. As a parent you really do want talk about every funny little thing they do. And you actually saying it makes it easier for other Moms to not only talk about it but feel like someone understands what they are going through.
    <3 ya

  3. My grandson's are special in their own way and I love them dearly! Gage is wiser than his years...Dane is silly and funny...Bishop? not sure yet but give him time!